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Gorge of Marin Stream

Diputación de Málaga

Gorge of Marin Stream

Archidona not only has a large architectural heritage town centre where the great exponent of its art is the Ochavada Square. It also has interesting natural places to enjoy a wide natural diversity.

That is the case of the area known as the Gorge of Marin Stream, a small valley south of town. Although accessible by vehicle via a dirt track that starts near a quarry, some people opt for a comfortable walkable path of almost 5 kilometers to learn more about the native flora of this area. The road runs parallel to the Marin’s creek, one of the tributaries that fed the Guadalhorce River waters. In the first few meters it is an open meadow, but later and gradually begins to narrow into a throat or sickle. Along the channel can be poplar, elm, poplar and some bushes, while in the vicinity predominantly olive trees, oaks and orchards belonging to some farms.

Ctra. Villanueva del Trabuco, Zip Code 29300