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Alfonso Canales or Palo Borracho Gardens

Diputación de Málaga

Alfonso Canales or Palo Borracho Gardens

They are also known as Gardens of Palo Borracho or Barrilito, due to the tree specimen found in the garden (which common name is Chorisia insignis tree), originally from Peru, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. It is believed that it was probably brought by a sailor because of the proximity to the Malaga Port, as well as other exotic species that populate the nearby Park of Malaga or other gardens (i.e. the Concepción and San Josê).

Besides these species, we can also be found bitter orange, canary palm tree, poinsettia, hibiscus and oleander. The gardens are chaired by a fountain and a bust of the poet Alfonso Canales (from Malaga), made by sculptor Jaime Fernandez Pimentel.


These gardens are located in the Plaza de Alfonso Canales, between Calle Vendeja, Avenida Manuel Agustin Heredia and Marina Square.