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Las Palomas Cave

Diputación de Málaga

Las Palomas Cave

It is the largest cave of those in the Tajo del Molino or in the River de la Venta, within the municipality of Teba.
The cave is located on the left wall of the pit about 30 feet above the river. Not very deep with a single entry oval about 2 by 1 meter opens to a spacious living room with several entrances, a system housed underground shelter prehistoric communities, cave painting of schematic type executed in red and with burial grounds.
Easily accessible on foot along a path lane where even recently enabled to park, leads to an inlet at the top of the rocky outcrop. Currently, the cave is under a slow recovery process after many years of neglect. For this reason, some fences have been installed to protect the site and to preserve the cleaning interior of the cavities.

Zip Code 29327