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Places of Igualeja

Diputación de Málaga

Places of Igualeja

Just outside the village on the road between Igualeja and neighbouring Pujerra there is a bridge that crosses the Rio Seco. This is a good spot to descend the river bed, which has lots of small waterfalls while the sides of the river are covered with pine and chestnut trees and the river banks are full of rich, colourful vegetation typical for the area. The other alternative is to follow one of the numerous paths that go through the forest of chestnut trees, which, depending on the time of year, provide a colourful background for walkers to enjoy.

Another must stop is at the entrance to the village to visit the spring where the Rio Genal starts its meanderings. It is one of the most interesting and typical places to see n the village and it has been totally restored and the surrounding area revitalised for locals and visitors to enjoy.

As is the case with many of the other mountain villages, and in particular those situated near the Rio Genal and stuck to the skirts of the mountains, the streets have to COPE with the height difference that the terrain presents. This is why there are considerable differences in height between the village’s two neighbourhoods, which are similar in style and layout. Both sides of the steep streets there are the typical white-washed stone houses which together make quite a pretty maze-like picture when seen from afar.

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