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Cuevas del Becerro

Diputación de Málaga
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    The abundance of ceramic, tessels, stucco work and coins found at this archaeological site point to the existence of an Imperial Roman settlement. The materials unearthed suggest that an oil factory...

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      Recommended month to visit it:  July . It is said that in one of the caves that surround the town a young golden bull was found, hence its name, Cuevas del Becerro [Caves of the Young Bull], the...

Cuevas del Becerro (Caves of Becerro) is a municipality belonging to the district of Guadalteba, Malaga, and is located in northern part of the magical locality of Ronda. Cuevas del Becerro is a village of Moorish origin (Christians who lived in Al-Andalus) and is located in a predominantly natural environment, surrounded by the Sierra de Vijan and the cerro de los Tercios. Among them is the rio de las Cuevas (river of the Caves).

Cuevas del becerro is a beautiful Andalusian village of white houses. The tourist offer of this town is quite rich, with monuments like the Church of San Antonio de Abad and places of interest such as Fuente del Nacimiento.




La Cueva del Moro is a cave that is included in the map of El Torcal de Antequera, declared as World Heritage by UNESCO. The lovers of nature, sports and caving shall have a pleasant time visiting this cave.

La Casa de las Viñas, archaeological site that gives the hints of a possible settlement of the Roman Empire in this town. There are plasters, ceramics, coins ... traces of a potter complex of two Roman ovens and part of another in which pottery was produced are still maintained.

Fuente del Nacimiento, form pipes, canals and reservoirs and was known as Las Fuentes of Huéxbar. The history of this source comes from the times of Alfonso XI ""El Justiciero (The Righteous)"" in the Middle Ages, who rested in this place before attacking Ronda in 1330.

The Iglesia de San Antonio de Abad It was built in the early twentieth century with a simple architecture. It has a nave and in its exterior, there is a belfry (bell tower with a single wall). Inside the temple, you can see eight images and among them is featured that of San Antonio, with two calves at feet.

The Resbalaeros and Eras are natural enclaves of this town. The Resbalaeros were used as water slides for the village children as there are three very steep and expended slits located near the Fuente del Nacimiento. Las Eras is a small plain where Wheat Kernels were air-popped.

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Escudo de Cuevas del Becerro
Town Hall
C/ Real, 51, 29470 
Area Guadalteba
Geographic Data
Surface 16 km2
Altitude 733 m
Latitude 36º 52'
Length -5º 02'
Distance to Málaga City 83,8 km
City 1597
Men 785
Women 812
Nationality Cueveños