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Diputación de Málaga
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    Small brick pavilion made up of two square parts erected at the end of the 17th century to the memory of the Galvez family and their donations. In this temple or shrine the common people call...


    This building is not so outstanding for its architecture, but rather for the important role it has played in the town’s historical development. La Fábrica de Naipes de Macharaviaya was owned by the...

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    Macharaviaya is of Arabic origin as is its name, which is derived from the phonetic transcription "Machar Ibn Yahya", which means "el prado o la alquerîa de Abu Yahya" (the meadow or the farmhouse...

Known for hosting in its territory the Real Fábrica de Naipes (Royal Playing Card Factory) of Spain, Macharaviaya celebrates every 4 July US independence festivities. A celebration with clear American inspiration that is justified in the village's own historical happening. For this reason, Macharaviaya is twinned with the US city of Pensacola.




Macharaviaya owes the creation of the Real Fábrica de Naipes to the Gálvez. With it the village experienced a great commercial boom, due to its monopoly on selling card decks in America. For its impressive economic progress, this village became known as 'Little Madrid'. The factory ceased operations in 1815 and the building was converted into housing.

The Museo de los Gálvez is dedicated to the family that led to Macharaviaya's development and to the history of this town in the Axarquía. Its facilities also host contemporary art and the headquarters of the villa's Cultural Week.

In appreciation of this same family, at the entrance of Macharaviaya el Templete de los Gálvez, from the eighteenth century was erected, as well as a fountain with the bust of Bernardo de Gálvez, for the role he played in the War of American Independence.

Macharaviaya's oldest monument is the Church of San Jacinto. It was founded in the sixteenth century, even before the town was constituted, although it was rebuilt in 1783. Hence its design replicates the canons of classical baroque style. The renovation work was made possible thanks to the patronage of the Gálvez family. Some members lie in the pantheon located in the basement of the temple, along with sculptures representing them.

Three kilometres from Macharaviaya, in the hamlet of Benaque, you can visit the church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación. It is a Mudejar style temple built in the XVI century on an ancient mosque that preserves the minaret, converted into a belfry.

Very close is the birthplace of Salvador Rueda, with furniture, books and personal belongings of the poet who is considered the precursor of Spanish modernism.

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Escudo de Macharaviaya
Town Hall
Plaza Matías de Gálves, 2, 29791 
Geographic Data
Surface 7 km2
Altitude 50 m
Latitude 36º 45'
Length -4º 12'
Distance to Málaga City 27,9 km
City 513
Men 279
Women 234
Nationality Macharatungos