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Diputación de Málaga
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    The chapel of Benamargosa’s cemetery is quite a simple kind of building. It was commissioned to be built by Doña Marîa de Santiago in 1840 to bury her husband and herself.


    Built in the 16th century with an octagonal floor plan and with three naves and an adjoining tower. The chapel in the most outstanding feature on the inside as it is also octagonal in shape and it...

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    Este laberinto de "itinerario" pretende ofrecernos uno de esos rincones absolutamente perdidos, a los que no va nadie más que expresamente y que son encantadores tanto por su riqueza paisajística...

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    Benamargosa is the town that acts a kind of hinge between what is known as high and low Axarquia. There is little or no information as to its origins, however it is not difficult to see the Arabic...


    As far the name Benamargosa is concerned it is worth mentioning that it is Arabic in origin although its meaning has yet to be deciphered. Name of its inhabitants: It is worth saying that its...

In the heart of the Axarquia region, Benamargosa is located, a village of Arab origin with a wide agricultural tradition. Its streets abound fountains, pillars, Roman arches and stairs, giving the village a picturesque appearance.

From the fertile orchards of Benamargosa, thanks to its microclimate, are born the products with which dishes and subtropical surprises are prepared. Only here you can try the batycate, a smoothie made with avocado which is a real tonic.




The Parish Church of the Incarnation is the main monument of Benamargosa. Located at the bottom of the village, it was built in the XVI century on an ancient Arab mosque. The temple has three naves and an adjoining tower. Inside you can admire a beautiful dressing room next to the Gospel and the image of Jesus of Nazareth, much venerated in the villa.

The other most representative work of religious art of Benamargosa is the hermitage of San Sebastián. In this sanctuary is the Virgin of Purísima (Virgin of Immaculate), protagonist of a colourful procession that is celebrated each month in May.

The cemetery chapel and the Puente de los Diez Ojos (Bridge of the Ten Eyes), linking the banks of the river Benamargosa are other interesting sites of this town in the region of Axarquia. As a testimony to its agricultural tradition, you can see Arc de la Huerta, which supplies water to many crops in the valley.

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Escudo de Benamargosa
Town Hall
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 2, 29718 
Geographic Data
Surface 12 km2
Altitude 180 m
Latitude 36º 50'
Length -4º 11'
Distance to Málaga City 48,6 km
City 1535
Men 799
Women 736
Nationality Benamargoseños