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Diputación de Málaga
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Benadalid is one of the white villages of the Valle del Genal (Genal Valley), with only 260 inhabitants. Its urban area has two distinct parts: one of Moorish design and other of more rectilinear layout. Its homes have typical popular architecture adapted to the mountainous terrain of the Serranía de Ronda.




Just outside the village is the Castillo de Bendalid (The Castle of Benadalid). The Historians disagree about its origin, some date back to Roman times, while most Arab are of the opinion that it is clearly (between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries). The floor of fortress is trapezoidal and it conserves some cylindrical towers and an underground cistern. Inside the compound, there is a village cemetery which is located since the nineteenth century.

Next to the Castle is the Cruz del Humilladero (Cross of Calvary), a monument made of stone in 1776 commemorating the surrender of the Moors after the fall of Ronda in Christian hands. It was the twelfth station of the Via Crucis and in the surrounding, there were several tombs of possibly medieval times.

Another notable visit in Benadalid is El Alambique, an old distillery which is currently Museum of Popular Arts and Customs. In the same, all kinds of utensils could be found showing the old trades and traditions of the village to the tourists. It also has a restaurant and bar where you can taste the typical food of the area of Valle del Genal (Genal Valley).

The Water Museum is another charming place that we can enjoy in Benadalid. It is located in the 'old Pilancón', a utility room that received supply from the Roman Fountain located on your right. During the restoration of the Fountain, different currencies of the Roman period were found.

But the architecture of Benadalid is found in the Parish church of San Isidoro which is its main exponent. It was erected in 1505 but its current appearance is the result of deep reforms carried out in the XVIII century. From the primeval construction, still a blinded Moorish door and transverse arch of the head is still preserved. The Facade includes the bell tower with a clock which was donated in 1954 by the Consistory.

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Escudo de Benadalid
Town Hall
C/ Beni Al Jali, 1, 29493 
Geographic Data
Surface 21 km2
Altitude 690 m
Latitude 36º 36'
Length -5º 16'
Distance to Málaga City 138 km
City 236
Men 118
Women 118
Nationality Benalizos