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Diputación de Málaga
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    El Torcal Observatory is in the centre of the Torcal Nature Park in Antequera, which became the first protected area in Andalusia after it was declared Nature Site of National Interest in 1929. The...

  • "Expo Arte Cofrade" is a temporary exhibition of heritage of “Hermandades” (brotherhoods) and brotherhoods of passion and glory, mostly from the provinces of Malaga, Seville, Cordoba and...

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    Antequera Golf is a spectacular 18 hole course with a par of 72. Situated 650 metres above the sea level, between the mountain range of El Torcal (which was under the sea water, millions of years...


Desfiladero de los Gaitanes Natural Beauty Spot. Natural element to support the Caminito del Rey Candidacy to UNESCO World Heritage List