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Diputación de Málaga
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    Enjoying the landscape from a stunning bird’s-eye view when you go paragliding, hang gliding or hot air ballooning is one of the most amazing sensation you can experience. However, technical skills,...


    The network of viewpoints built in the Serranîa de Ronda is an original initiative which allows visitors to see emblematic places from the region. Otherwise it would be difficult to observe them in...


    Africa Viewpoint is in the villages of Gaucín and Algatocín, at the Benarrabá crossroads and on the way to the Espino Pass. It has been recently built and it offers wonderful views of Africa,...

Can you imagine the Costa del Sol was during the time of Al-Andalus? Its narrow streets, it flavors and its people ... In Benarrabá, the every step is a breath of history. From its name, which means Sons of Rabbah, to the water that runs through its streets, Benarrabá will convey you to an age of a mix of cultures and splendor.

But the ancient people"s passion for this municipality south of the Serrania de Ronda was not only for the life of the city, but also for the natural beauty surrounding it. The more daring will find in Benarrabá a canyon more than 100 metres deep, where vultures make their nest, androck climbing is available.




From atop of the Porón hill overlooking the city once stood an Arab castle, which gave rise to Benarrabá. In addition to the layout of its streets, and as a feature of its Moorish past, fountains, wells and irrigation ditches dominate all the streets of this town. In Islam, water is considered the origin of life and symbolises purification.

Strolling through Benarrabá is a delicious experience. Walking through the streets of Saucal, Baja, Station and Sol, you can enjoy a large number of notable buildings from the eighteenth century, with their iron railings, eighteenth-century facades and large windows. At the Plaza del Cabildo you will fins Casa Lola, an original building full of symbols and details.

Currently, Benarrabá"s most important monument is the San Sebastián Parish Church. It is a simple temple, but with a singular element: a lobed arch finished with a triangle. Another curiosity is its domed roof, finished in blue glazed ceramic. The church was built in the early eighteenth century, and inside you will find images of the Annunciation and the martyrdom of St. Sebastian.

As in other inland destinations on the Costa del Sol, rural hermitages are of high historical and artistic value. In Benarrabá, we can find the hermitage of Holy Christ of Vera Cruz, also from the eighteenth century. It is a sober, single nave church, and from outside we can observe its belfry with a single hole.

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Escudo de Benarrabá
Town Hall
C/ Posito, 7, 29490 
Geographic Data
Surface 25 km2
Altitude 522 m
Latitude 36º 33'
Length -5º 16'
Distance to Málaga City 134 km
City 446
Men 233
Women 213
Nationality Benarrabeños