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Diputación de Málaga
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    A late 16th-century construction that provides the highlight of the village centre. Its noble design is supported by pillars with half-point arches on the ground floor, whose left-hand room has a...


    This is without doubt the most significant building in the village, occupying an entire block and facing Jerusalem. A 16th-century construction, it was inaugurated as the parish church in 1555,...


    Alfarnate Inn is just two kilometres from the village centre. Thought to have been built in 1690, some researchers believe it to be responsible for the appearance of the village itself, since it was...

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    The name Alfarnate comes from the Arabic word“al-farnat” meaning flour mill. Name of its inhabitants: Alfarnatenos. Nickname: palancos. Interesting stories: One of the interesting...


     It was not so long ago that village folk did not leave their place of birth unless forced to do so in order to make a decent living. Few, if any, travelled for pleasure alone; tourism was still a...

Geographic Data
Surface 34 km2
Altitude 925 m
Latitude 36º 59'
Length -4º 15'
Distance to Málaga City 49,8 km
City 1069
Men 546
Women 523
Nationality Alfarnateños