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Motorcycle tour round the Province of Malaga. Stage 4: Guadalteba – Guadalhorce Valley

Diputación de Málaga

Motorcycle tour round the Province of Malaga. Stage 4: Guadalteba – Guadalhorce Valley

This stage goes through three areas in Málaga Province: Antequera, Guadalteba and Guadalhorce Valley. It starts in Alameda (the area in Antequera) and it goes through seven municipalities for 207 km. Guadalteba borders on Sevillian countryside to the north, the Guadalhorce Valley to the south, the Ronda Mountains and Cadiz to the west, and Antequera Plain to the east. The Guadalhorce Valley has a privileged position due to its closeness to Málaga City, the Costa del Sol, the Nature Park Sierra de las Nieves, the gorge – Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, reservoirs of El Chorro (The Spurt), and the Málaga Mountains.

This route is divided in four parts in order to assure an enjoyable ride past beautiful countryside and through the towns and villages on the way.

First part:
Alameda - Humilladero - Conde de Guadalhorce Reservoir (Ardales)

Second part:
Ardales - Cañete La Real - Teba

Third part:
Teba - El Chorro Reservoir - Desfiladero de los Gaitanes Gorge - Álora

Fourth part:
Álora- Carratraca- Ardales - Conde de Guadalhorce Reservoir



• Hotel: La Posada del Conde, Ardales (the Count’s Inn) (Unique Establishment)
• Restaurants: Lunch – Rural Complex La Garganta, Alora (Unique Establishment). Dinner - La Posada del Conde, Ardales.



Visits to:
Cañete La Real Castle
Desfiladero de los Gaitanes Gorge.



This project was developed in cooperation with Iberian Coast Route Ltd under the name of ‘Málaga Countryside Rider Tour’.

The beginning of the route consists of 9 stages, which go through all the towns and villages in the Province of Málaga. It is 1, 700 km long and covers more than 70 municipalities. Depending on the progress of the project, it is more than probable that there will be open another part which will go through many other municipalities. The route can be ridden in parts, each stage separately, or the entire at once for a period of 9 days. In the latter case, the way goes from the Mountains of Málaga to Málaga City. It is not necessary to visit the recommended hotels or restaurants and try their dishes if you do not wish so. You can go along the route on your own or follow the ‘guided tour’ with previous booking of hotels, restaurants or activities. In the latter case, or if you would like to have the roadbooks (ride guides) with details, please get in touch with:

Phone: 622483495