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The Palm Grove of Surprises

Diputación de Málaga

The Palm Grove of Surprises

Malaga has a new recreation and leisure area within the port which has been called The Palm Grove of Surprises and whose works have been delayed about four years until the inauguration in 2011.
This area of 20,000 square meters is located in the pier 2 of the port (where originally where placed old silos), and has been converted into a green space with almost 400 palm trees that give their name to this place, playground with swings for the kids and places to rest, to drink and relax by the sea.
Now, the city and the port are perfectly integrated into the space. And what's best, this area is very close to the historic center and several gardens located behind him (the Park of Malaga, the Dark Entrance Gardens, or of the Pedro Luis Alonso gardens), which are several of the major attractions of the town.
Being a space within the port area must respect many regulations. For instance, it is forbidden to swim and access to the docks or docking area, which is separated by a glass. It is also forbidden to use skates or skateboard, and the bike ride is restricted to a specific area.

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Muelle 2. Puerto de Málaga, Zip Code 29001