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Viewpoint (Mirador) of Archidona's wall (Hermitage of Our Lady of Gracia)

Diputación de Málaga

Viewpoint (Mirador) of Archidona's wall (Hermitage of Our Lady of Gracia)

This viewpoint has been rehabilitated by the Competitiveness Tourism Plan of Sierra Norte de Málaga in 2010 and it is located in the walled city, at the foot of the Hermitage of Our Lady of Grace. The viewpoint offers an excellent overview of both the municipality and the fertile lowland of Archidona.

Next to it , a little above , there is another viewpoint .This viewpoint, which is level with Archidona Castle and its wall, is a perfect place for observing beautiful scenery. There visitors find some information boards with names of all the mountain ranges that can be seen from the spot, as well as the description of the itinerary of Omar Ibn Hafsun Route, which was chosen by Nazarites for trade and conquest purposes.

The view of the landscape covered in olive trees proves that this is one of the most famouse olive production territories in Málaga.

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