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La Zagaleta Golf Club

Diputación de Málaga

La Zagaleta Golf Club

Designed in 1991 and opened at the end of 1993. Without a doubt, one of the major attractions of La Zagaleta is its private golf course, created and designed by the Californian architect Bradford Benz. Whilst designing a unique 18-hole golf course, absolute priority has been given to preserving the natural surroundings and wild beauty. This has been the main objective of this prestigious American designer in tackling the La Zagaleta challenge.
When player begin their rounds, they will have a vis-à-vis with the terrain, without interferences, since in La Zagaleta there are no parallel holes and the possibility of seeing anything other than the marvellous wooded areas and natural life only occurs on the spectacular arrival at the imposing Club House, after the 9th and 18th holes.
The course has four clearly marked tees per hole, which makes it easier for the player to choose the desired degree of difficulty. This means that one can choose between spending a pleasant day's golf or accepting a difficult challenge for more expert players. The tee of the first hole is an indication of what, technically speaking, the round of the 18 holes will be like. Aided by the slope of the natural valleys, the ideal path for each of the holes is clearly visible, as is the access to the green. The peace, tranquillity and silence is only broken occasionally by the sighting of a pheasant, a deer, buck or mouflon, permanent residents in La Zagaleta.

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