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Cortijo El Puntal, Teba (Distinguished Establishments)

Diputación de Málaga

Cortijo El Puntal, Teba (Distinguished Establishments)

Unique Establishments


This typical Andalusian farmhouse keeps its original structure from the 19th century.



It is built around a riding arena. A hayloft has been transformed into a celebration lounge, and there are four apartments. One is placed in an old kitchen and other three on one or two floors, and can be used by four or eight people, respectively. They all have bathrooms, air-conditioning and heating.   In summer, a big swimming pool with a large area with grass and ochre-coloured dirt are available. Moreover, there is a treshing floor, which was probably used some years ago considering its position and size. The old farmhouse decoration is kept, including farming implements and tools.

The apartments are named after the mountain ranges that surround the town of Teba, such as Camorra, Camorrillo, San Cristóbal and Castillo. There is a big car park.



It is placed on the lower slopes of the Castillo de la Estrella in Teba. The farmhouse is perfectly connected to the places such as Campillos, Cañete la Real, Ardales, Carratraca, Antequera or Ronda

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Ctra. Campillos-Ronda s.n., Zip Code 29327
Capacity - 20 People