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La Casa del Loto (Distinguished Establishments)

Diputación de Málaga

La Casa del Loto (Distinguished Establishments)

Unique Establishments


La Casa del Loto is a country hotel which is designed and decorated so it could offer quality service with attention to detail. It combines rural and modern style, but offers everything you need to rest, get away from your routine and enjoy the countryside.



This is a detached house with two rooms, covered porch, barbecue, fireplace, indoor and outdoor heated Jacuzzi, swimming pool, arbour and garden. It is surrounded by citrus trees and has breathtaking views. In autumn and winter, visitors can enjoy cosy fireplace and the indoor Jacuzzi, having panoramic view of the garden,whereas in spring and summer, they can relax by the sound of water from the pool with massage jets and the outdoor hot tub and enjoy nights by starlight. Then, forget about your problems by having anti-stress massage services (Thai aromatic oil massage, hot stones massage, exfoliating and moisturising massage, chocotherapy massage and Aquarelax water massage).



The house is placed in Paredones area, 4 kilometres away from Álora, which supplies with delicious food and has a lot of sights, such as Arabian castle and churches. At the natural beauty spot El Chorro, which is 9 kilometres away, you can go hiking along several routes or visit the famous path El Caminito del Rey, have a swim in its lakes or enjoy the sunset.

Country House > Country House
Paredones 52B, Zip Code 29593
Director - Gabriel Sánchez Aranda
Capacity - 2 Rooms