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Hotel-Restaurant "Posada de José María El Tempranillo" (Distinguished Establishments)

Diputación de Málaga

Hotel-Restaurant "Posada de José María El Tempranillo" (Distinguished Establishments)

Unique Establishments

This peculiar establishment, which is a mix between a hotel and an inn, is found on the doorstep of the “Alameda” municipality alongside the ancient road that united Granada and Seville and in the middle of the “Temporanillo route” (la ruta del Tempranillo). Although it is quite a new building, the spirit of the “highwayman” has been captured in each and every one of the rooms. This route goes from the village of Jauja (Lucena), where the infamous bandoleer that the hotel is named after was born, then passes through Corcoya, where he was freed; Bandolatosa and finally, Alameda, where he was wounded, died and was buried.

The building, which is inspired by similar ones from the 18th century, is surrounded by olive groves and fields of cereals. The entrance is through a wonderfully built stone and clay courtyard, which is decorated with traditional pieces of agricultural equipment from the era. A beautiful wooden door stands out against the brightness of the whitewashed walls and leads through to the interior of the Inn. Through this door there is another interior courtyard which gives way to all the other facilities of the hotel; to the right the coffee shop, the toilets and a set of stairs that leads to the bedroom; straight ahead is the reception desk with the entrance to its quaint restaurant just next door; to the left of the door there is another set of stairs. All of these common areas play with the light and semi-darkness to create an atmosphere that invites the guest to read and become part of the stories that are recounted on the mural hanging on the wall.

The “Posada de Jose Maria Tempranillo” has two double rooms for married couples, four double rooms and a suite. Each one is decorated and designed following the fashions and customs of the bandoleers era. The floors are made of hard clay tiles, the walls plastered, timber-beamed ceilings, iron railings in the windows, the forge, stone walls, curtains from the era, and old fashioned wooden furniture. All these details turn each room into a small homage to the rural traditions of the 18th century.

The Bar is a bright and delightful spot, where the guest can contemplate small museum pieces that have been rescued from other similar inns and farmyards. All of this is also accompanied by elements of another great cultural influence, which is much enjoyed in Andalusia; that of bullfighting.

There are two eating areas, one on each floor: the upper one being smaller and more intimate, while the one on the lower floor is the authentic restaurant of the Inn. The decoration of both spaces is identical; old pottery plates hung on the white walls, oil lamps, pots, coal irons, hand mills, wicker baskets, wooden-beamed ceilings, clay tiled floors and the lovely central fireplaces, which are responsible for heating the place on cold winter days.

The gastronomy is based on the most traditional Andalusian style. Home-made food and home-grown products are the key to this culinary offer. A look at the menu will come across ‘starters’ such as porra (a special cold soup) also known as “lameata”, asparagus soup, Andalusian stew and rice in milk or cream. As for main courses the following stand out as worthy of mention; eggs “al tempranillo,” scrambled eggs with mushrooms, salmon stuffed with prawns, sirloin kebabs, wild Iberian boar or sirloin steak in pastry. Finally, for dessert, without doubt the homemade ones are the thing to go for; cold rice pudding, cream caramel or egg custard.

It is a place that stays open all year round and offers itself as a conference centre or simply somewhere for special anniversaries, as it has a specially equipped and decorated dining room that can seat up to 800 people.

Regarding the range of activities that can be carried out around the Inn, it must be said that it is varied and extensive. The personnel at the hotel will very happily inform anyone about which places to visit or what things to do in any free time. As well as those included on the “special offers” list, there are also more possibilities to choose from; archery, caving, trekking or driving through the countryside, horse riding, and river descents.

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Ctra. Alameda-Antequera, km. 1, Zip Code 29530
Director - Francisco Valencia
Capacity - 21 Rooms