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Hotel Balneario de Tolox (Distinguished Establishments)

Diputación de Málaga

Hotel Balneario de Tolox (Distinguished Establishments)

Unique Establishments

The Tolox Spa, created in 1867, is the only one in Spain specialized exclusively in respiratory, as waters off gas that takes into inhalation. From time immemorial, water fountains and springs were known by the name of “amargosas” (bitter waters) by Tolox neighbours for the special flavour of them, which were used to treat a myriad of conditions in ingestion and baths.

Among the various buildings that make up the complex stands the so-called auxiliary rehabilitated building that is the former home of the owners of the resort dates back to the late nineteenth century and that was later used as a hotel, being completely restored in 2009, respecting their style and taste. It contains 8 spacious rooms with bathroom, TV, air conditioning and mini bar. This hotel has been recognized by the Malaga County Council as a Singular Establishment, for being a unique place in its category of accommodation.

Other buildings in the complex are the main building (1870), the services building, a chapel and the apartments "Los Manueles".

The main building, recently rehabilitated, has 42 rooms, all with bath, outdoor or facing a beautiful courtyard full of plants.

The service building, rose in the late 1950s, is a one story building that houses the dining room, a spacious lounge, bar, fireplace and game room.

And the apartments Los Manueles are located beside a stream, about 200 meters from the spa, and make 9 spacious apartments, 5 two other bedrooms and 4 spacious two and three bedrooms. All have a living room, bathroom and kitchen, terrace, TV, fireplace, and parking.

Hotels > 1-Star Hotel
C/ Extramuros, s/n, Zip Code 29109
952487091 / 902111166
Capacity - 53 Rooms