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Casa Rural "Molino La Flor" (Distinguished Establishments)

Diputación de Málaga

Casa Rural "Molino La Flor" (Distinguished Establishments)

Unique Establishments

This one-of-a-kind rural complex is formed by two mills: “Molino La Flor” and “Molino del Inglês”, situated on a fenced estate where both the surroundings as well as the recreational opportunities are “different” to the rest.

Its main access is through a never-ending suspension bridge, swinging over the crystal-clear river and ringed by exuberant vegetation. However, there exists a more civilized access through a splendid glen that rims the river, which ends in a small lagoon that pours its waters into a sparkling cascade that limits with the estate.

For those of you who want to come face to face with nature, you should check out the perfectly preserved forest, split in two by the river. There is nothing quite like an encounter with the animal kingdom and here you will be able to watch, if you are lucky, finger-leafed gourds, roe-deer or woodpeckers; as well as otters and freshwater turtles.

When you stroll along this unique complex, besides enjoying the lush vegetation and the most incredible places, which are almost a touch of paradise, you will also have the opportunity of practicing some golf. A “rustic” golf course with nine holes is there for you, and you should not worry about the “clubs”, the owners will provide them. Now you are free to enjoy the game like never before. If you have children, two ponies tossing around the estate, will be their favourite entertainment. And of course, what child has not dreamt about having a house on a tree or on the rocks, well here this wish will come true. Above all, these activities are offered to guests for free.

“Molino La Flor” is an ancient flourmill resting on the remains of the old Roman bridge under which the river runs, just in front of the rapids. A succession of amazing ponds filled with colourful aquatic plants separate this mill from the rest of the estate. In the private sector, you will find a fantastic swimming pool and an unbelievable fishing bower, which can be reached after crossing a wooden bridge from where you will enjoy the most awesome vistas, completely surrounded by water where you will be able to practice various sports.

Its “atypical” design features six open rooms separated from each other by curtains, different levels and stairs. It has a maximum capacity of 15 beds, always rented to one single group. Once inside rustic elements are the common denominator, construction seats fully covered by delicate cushions, wooden ceilings and, in fact a series of details that combined with the peculiar setting will make you enjoy your visit to the fullest in the most exclusive atmosphere.

“Molino del Inglês” is, like the former one, a flourmill with an unparalleled design. With a maximum capacity for 20 people, its interior boasts a spectacular cone-like chimney where you will find an important construction seat replete of cushions, ideal for a good chat around the fireplace. As the other mill, its interior features different levels, with picturesque wooden attics, which are used as bedrooms. It also has its own private swimming pool.

This complex is open all year round and in its surroundings you will be able to practice several recreational activities related with Mother Nature, such as horse-riding, trekking, speleology, kayak, canyoning or climbing.

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Río abajo, tras los rápidos., Zip Code 29392
Director - Manuel Luque Tudela
Capacity - 15 People