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GR 249.5. Section 1. Campillos - Teba

Diputación de Málaga

GR 249.5. Section 1. Campillos - Teba

The cereal plains of Campillos (up to km 3.1)

The Stage begins south of Campillos, on Carretera de Teba Street (MA-468) through which you walk 300 meters across the channeled Rincón stream and then along the Station road, which passes next to some leather goods factory. The wooded avenue ends at the level crossing with barriers at the height of the Railway Station of the Algeciras Bobadilla line (Km 1.3), a redundant travel companion of this Variant and possible form of access. The silo on the right was built in the late 1960s by the National Cereal Service, and is usually very frequented by birds.

On the other side of the road you continue straight along the gravel track of the Camino del Cañuelo, with numerous crosses, you pass through the large naves of a farm and cross the area known as the Prados, currently grown in cereal and young olive groves. At the height of the first hill on the right, which rises just 50 meters above the plain at 450 m altitude, you pass through the Honey stream, tributary of that of the Chumbos, which is the one that is crossed later.

The forests island of an agro-industrial landscape (up to km 8.3)

Olive groves with almond trees and holm oaks scattered with coscojas and espartos appear on both sides. You cross the Cañada Real from Ronda to Granada, pulling straight and avoiding the new track. Next to the ships of the Chumbo farmhouse, a first port is crowned, after which you descend among olive groves to a multiple crossroads of lanes where you always take south. There is a Category 2 Waste Collection Point here, organic but unsuitable for animal consumption.

Where you change from the municipality of Campillos to Teba (km 5.5), the Path traces a loop, passing from the main track to a secondary one that crosses the Morales stream and its canjilones in the red clays. Through this little valley comes from the east the Cañada Real de Antequera, which is the one that is taken now. Leaving on the left a shady with holm oaks you descend following the stream, with the cortijo del Casarón on the left and opposite that of the Cañuelo.

From here the southerly direction will turn west. The source of the Cañuelo is above the next concrete ford, and already here the undergrowth of the homologous stream gains in diversity with poplars, willows and elms. After the olive trees of the ruin of the Casa Nueva del Cañuelo you reach down the Llano de la Espada and leave the main track in the direction of a grove of large pine trees.

The Sierra de la Camorra (until the end of the stage)

Crossing between two adult holm oaks you reach the Río de la Venta, with precautionary signs on both sides, not wading in case of flood. To the south is now the impressive Tagus of Torrox, prelude to the canyon of the Tagus of the Mill or of the Venta.

The river on the right has hardly any tree vegetation, but it does have reeds, aneas and watercress. To the left, the rocky slopes of Cerro Gordo and La Molinilla, quite wooded but with incipient bush spots and old scattered holm oaks. When arriving at a torrent with enough stone dikes, in view of the Gangarilla mill, the road does not cross and makes a break next to a lonely pine tree.

Along the Cuesta de Tardarroba, of 1 kilometer, take a smaller lane that leaves the pit and the Bandolero cave to the north, between a dense espartal. The port of La Retama is the high in the cultivated area (km 11, 535 m) that leaves on the left the hill of La Mora and on the right the Allanada de la Camorra. The road gets into the foot of the sunny mountain of the Sierra de Teba, the Hoyo del Paraiso, overlooking the Guadalteba reservoir to the south and the Castillo de la Estrella in front, while very high pits mark the dirt road on the right. It is surprising to see the abandoned terraces on the barren slopes, and a little further on the descent leads to some cottages. Where the Cruz de los Caídos appears, the MA-6405 road is contacted at kilometer 1.5, and the end of the Stage, taking extreme precautions for traffic, is just 400 meters ahead.

Route On foot
Difficulty - Easy
Duration - 4:00 horas
Length - 12100 Km