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More than 70 travel companies and tourist establishments involved in the initiative 'Caminito del Rey Quality Destination'

Diputación de Málaga


More than 70 travel companies and tourist establishments involved in the initiative 'Caminito del Rey Quality Destination'

Establishments in Álora, Antequera, Ardales, Campillos, Carratraca and Valle de Abdalajís got involved in this project.Cristobal Ortega stresses the importance of a continuous improvement of the experience and increasing tourists' and other other visitors' satisfaction.

Seventy-three companies participate in the initiative called 'Caminito del Rey Quality Destination', which was created two years ago by the County Council of Málaga, the Costa del Sol Tourism and Planning, and the surrounding town councils. Some establishments that belong to the six surrounding towns (Álora, Antequera, Ardales, Campillos, Carratraca and Valle de Abdalajís) also participate in this project, which relies on quality standards in order to attend the clients in the best possible way.

County Council representative for the Environment, Inland Tourism and Climate Change Cristóbal Ortega has explained that this initiative aims to enhance the tourism in the towns and villages which are close to El Caminito del Rey Path and introduce the key criteria for achieving improvement of the elements that form the tourism supply chain. At the Caminito del Rey website, there is a text about the companies related to this destination.

According to Cristóbal Ortega, "the Caminito del Rey is a stable brand in the province of Málaga and a recognized national and international destination, which has stimulated the economic growth of the surrounding towns. There is to continue working in order to achieve excellence and add these names to this quality tourist destination. This is where the accommodation becomes important, as well as restaurants and shops which can improve the stay and satisfaction of tourists and visitors."

The County Council of Málaga supported the project of the Caminito del Rey surrounding and the method SICTED (QualityTourist Destination Management System), developed by the Secretary of State for Tourism with the collaboration of the Spanish Federation of Towns and Provinces, and formed by round one hundred and fifty Spanish destinations.

The Caminito del Rey destination, which was developed following the above method, supplies the companies in the nearby towns and villages with training, technical assistance, community workshops, working groups which develop improvement projects for the destination and continuous assessment so that the companies could enhance and provide services according to quality standards.

The establishments that belong to the project are: hotels, holiday apartments, country guesthouses, restaurants, bars, travel agencies, tourist information centres, shops, guides, and active tourism and industrial tourism companies. Among these companies, there were sixteen that obtained the award 'Caminito del Rey Quality Destination' in 2018. At the end of last year, other twenty-six companies achieved this prize, which awards their effort to improve the services.

The Latest Awards

The above twenty-six destinations are: the Town Tourist Office in Álora, the Museum in Álora, Casa Domingo country house, Casa Candela country house, AR Caminito del Rey, Productos de Álora (Products from Álora), Caminito del Rey Guesthouse, Caminito Travel, El Chorro Activo (active tourism company) and La Garganta Hotel and Restaurant. In Antequera, the awarded establishments were: Infante Antequera Hotel, Sondytour Viajes (Travel Agency), Najera Suit, El Mercado, Mesón Ibérico Dehesa Las Hazuelas traditional restaurant, La Fábrica and La Tasca Frasquita restaurants.

Travelnatura and Ardalestur are the awarded companies from Ardales. In Carratraca, these were Casa Los Baños guesthouse and El Punto Inn, while in Valle de Abdalajís, it was the Town Tourist Office. R&R Appetizers and Lola Gambero Shoes and Accessories Shop were also awarded.

In spite of the limitations imposed due to the state of emergency declared because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the on-line work with the establishments was continued.

This way, the consulting and support given to the above companies during their recognition process has been carried out through the collaboration with the Department for New Technologies and Modern Tourism that belongs to the Costa del Sol Tourism and Planning. They also developed a new area at the Caminito del Rey website which is dedicated to companies that made an enormous effort to adopt all the measures registered in the SICTED method and fulfil all quality standards.

Through this new web area, you can access the information about the awarded companies, included their services, contact and location, and access them through the activity they perform or the town they belong to.

Quality Management System

The SICTED project is based on a method which offers an all-round quality destination management system with a new insight into results which are expected from destinations. It is focused on continuous improvement, as well as recovery of the area and emphasis of its resources. It aims to achieve a uniform quality of services supplied by one destination.

This system supervises the fulfilment of all requirements which are part of the method and recognises the effort and commitment to follow quality standards. At the same time, the system assures the good position of the companies involved among all competitors, something which ends in obtaining the award for Quality Tourism which confirms the fulfilment of the established conditions.