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Caminito del Rey confirms itself as an international tourist attraction with 3300 visitors in 2018

Diputación de Málaga


Caminito del Rey confirms itself as an international tourist attraction with 3300 visitors in 2018

More than 75,000 are to put on sale at midday for those who wish to come here next spring.Last year El Caminito del Rey reached million visitors and became an international destination as 60% of them were foreigners.Four years after it was open to the public, this path n the middle of the province is still a place where people from Málaga take their leisure time.

Actually, in 2018 the path reached the highest number of visitors after the opening in March 2015. 300,000 people walked along this dizzy way last year, so the County Council of Málaga could once again fill in the site with the maximum number of visitors allowed for safety reasons and conservation of nature.

In order to keep on having so many visits, the tickets are available for April, May and June at the official website of El Caminito del Rey for everyone who wishes to visit the path (

According to the path's management company Hermanos Campano, more than 75,000 new tickets will be on sale for those who would like to walk for the first time along this famous trail as well as for those who wish to come again.

The company in charge of the management of the path and the County Council of Málaga have celebrated the end of 2018 considering that the path was visited by people from all over the world

El Caminito del Rey has confirmed itself as an international destination as more than 60% of the visitors were foreigners. The path was visited most by tourists from Germany in the first place, and from the UK. Belgians, the Dutch and the French continued coming to the path as they did in previous years. Moreover, more than 7000 visitors were from Poland and 4200 from Finland.

Spaniards were also commonly seen along this trail in 2018. Most of all people from Málaga, and then from Madrid, who reached the number of 30,000 in last year. The third place belongs to the tourists who came from Seville. People form Murcia, Valencia, the Basque Country and Ciudad Real are also at the top of the list.

To sum up, 116 different nationalities from five different continents and faraway countries like New Zealand, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan and Bahamas came to this more than 7-kilometre-long trail in 2018.

This is the fourth year in the row that the tickets price has been 10 euros and guided tour 18 euros. Both ticket can be purchased at, as well as the bus tickets (+ €1.55) for the northern access.