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El Caminito del Rey and UMA develop a pioneer project for the site's safety

Diputación de Málaga


El Caminito del Rey and UMA develop a pioneer project for the site's safety

Research Department of Emergencies, Safety and Disasters at University of Málaga was in charge of the study.The aim is to turn El Caminito del Rey into, not only an international tourist attraction, but also an example in safety management.

El Caminito del Rey and the University of Málaga through the Research Department of Emergencies, Safety and Disasters have gone forward in the process of improvement of the safety at the site thanks to a research project. This one will create the best safety standards for the attraction by adapting them to new technologies, in spite of their current effectiveness, and by using integrated management.

This innovative research was result of cooperation between the University of Málaga, the County Council of Málaga, and the company in charge of the path's management. It has been presented in vice-chancellor's office this morning at an event chaired by Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Postgraduate Studies Gaspar Garrote.
The deputy Vice-Chancellor said: 'This project is an example of passing the knowledge to society thanks to the teamwork of companies and administration bodies and professionals from varied fields'.

Head of Department Jesús Miranda, professor at the University of Málaga and an expert at safety measures Carmelo Fernáandez, County Council Representative for Environment Marina Bravo and manager of the company in charge of the path Francisco Campano have attended the event as well.

Mr Miranda underlined the originality of this project, which was not only an exhaustive study of the surroundings but also an innovative way to deal with health, logistics and psychological matters. This is an I+D+i or research, development and innovation project. Therefore, the manager of the company in charge of the path said that this is an only way to offer maximum safety and quality service at this spot.

County Council representative Marina Bravo emphasised that the project was meant to show the best way to competently manage catastrophes. More than million of visitor have come to the path since it was opened in 2015, and their safety was the most important issue to be treated by all the bodies involved in the project as well as for the company and workers that manage the path on daily bases and who help the visit become an unforgettable and completely safe experience.

Manager of the path Francisco Campano explained that the safety of more than 1,100 people who come to the path every day was the reason for relying on experts who could get it closer to excellence. He also said that they did the same in past when they asked for a neuromarketing survey in order to discover the most attractive parts of the path for visitors.

An Example of Safety

Professor Carmelo Fernández, who is a technical manager of this project, assured that this study would make El Caminito del Rey an example in the matters of safety due to the new integrated safety system, in which all protection plans are united in one proactive, innovative plan in continuous improvement process. This project is divided in phases and it will approximately take a year.

It was said that a new reviewed version of the current safety measures is being developed, as well as stuff training and improvement of the communication on the field.

As it was explained in the vice-chancellor's office of the University of Málaga, this project includes turning El Caminito del Rey path into a Cardiac Protected Area, lag time improvements, some studies regarding landslide, as well as new emergencies protocol.

Find out things about El Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey consists of stunning hanging boardwalks and walkways that stretch over the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes gorge and natural beauty spot in Málaga. It used to be considered the most dangerous trail in the world due to its difficult route and its hazardous state.

This is how a legend that has lasted until this moment was created and this place has been turned into one of the best tourist attractions in the Province of Málaga thanks to the refurbishment carried out by the County Council.

The complete refurbishment of the boardwalks was done by mountaineers and professional climbers who used the same building techniques that had been applied at the beginning of the 20th century when the original path was built.

Then the trail was a service way used by the workers who were building the reservoirs of El Chorro, Guadalhorce, Guadalteba and Gaitanejo, as well as the hydroelectric power station. King Alfonso XIII opened the trail in 1921 and walked along it so it was named after him.

The new trail that is hanging up in the air is parallel to the old one, which has been conserved like an industrial heritage and origin of the new one. This was an environmentally friendly construction that fits perfectly in natural surroundings that have been formed for millions of years and went through a long geological evolution.

El Caminito del Rey path is 7 km long. It has two sections of 1m-wide boardwalks fixed on the walls of two gorges – the Giatanejo and the Gaitanes. The second section has a hanging bridge, which is the highest (105 m) point of the trail, and the most attractive part of this beauty spot. This has become an emblematic spot since the trail was refurbished by the County Council and the town councils of Álora, Ardales and Antequera, and the Regional and Spanish Government.