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El Caminito del Rey Website got 2.2 million visits during the first year of its existence

Diputación de Málaga


El Caminito del Rey Website got 2.2 million visits during the first year of its existence

Round 30 percent of site visitors are foreigners38 percent of visitors come to the web page more than once

The website of El Caminito del Rey Path has celebrated its first birthday. Data balance is a reflection of the path’s popularity during the first year of its existence after the reopening. During this time it was visited more than 2.2m times by 1.3m different people.

The Costa del Sol Tourism and Planning Company, which depends on the County Council and is responsible for the website, has made data analysis and offered a report that contains information about the website’s traffic, site visitors and the web pages which were viewed. The report contains only the data coming from the website, not the one in connection with the booking portal

According to the analysis, there were up to 40,000 visits a day in the first two months due to the bookings and information request. Over the following months, the number of visits was slightly lower, but it increased again at the beginning of 2016 and reached 6,000 visits a day.

Some 38% of visits have been made by those visitors who have come to the page at least twice, which confirms they were interested in the web page contents.

Another important data is that 7.5m pages of the website were visited, whereas more than half of the site visitors viewed more than ten of these pages during each visit. Besides, more than 40% of the visits were longer than a minute.

The most popular pages are the homepage, the one that gives details about the planning of the visit to the path, and the information about it, as well as warnings and incidents.


Visitors’ Profile

As for the visitors’ profile, most of them are people younger than 44 (65%), and there are slightly more men than women although visitors between 18 and 25 years old are mostly women.

Most visitors are Spanish (72%), above all from Málaga, Madrid, Seville and Barcelona. Nevertheless, there has been increase in international visits (28%). The top five countries that are the most interested in the website are Germany, the UK, the USA, France and Holland.

As for browsers and operative systems, Google Chrome and Android were used in most of cases. Therefore, most of visits were made from mobile phones and tablets.


Website Positioning

Currently, 59% of visits have been made through Google. The website is well positioned as it appears first in the search engine results.

The visits that come from, and other travel websites, such as and stand out in case of the visitors referredby links on other websites.

Almost all traffic that comes from social networking sites is made through Facebook, although visits by links on Twitter are usually longer and more significant.


Importance of the Site on National and International Level

The overall impact of the path El Caminito del Rey has influenced placement of many links on fifty national mediaand news agencies’ websites and social networks and 85 international media sites.

The international press such as CNN, The Washington Post, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, BBC, Financial Times orThe Guardian stand out.