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The County Council of Málaga approves conditions of the call for tender to manage El Caminito del Rey which is to be initiated in April

Diputación de Málaga


The County Council of Málaga approves conditions of the call for tender to manage El Caminito del Rey which is to be initiated in April

Maximum ticket price is to be €10 (VAT included) and the number of visitors shall not exceed 300,000 visitors a year.

Mr Bendodo emphasizes that these are new times for the promotion of this great tourism supply by specialized companies

At today’s meeting, The County Council of Málaga has approved administrative and economic contract with conditions for the management of El Caminito del Rey, which is planned to start on April 1st. The contract, which cannot be extended, is going to last for five years. Therefore, the County Council will stop being in charge of the path’s organization as another company is going to manage the path, tickets, maintenance, necessary repairs, as well as its security and monitoring. 

At the International Tourism Fair Trade FITUR in Madrid, County Council President Elîas Bendodo pointed out that the above document was the result of the agreement between the commission in charge of El Caminito del Rey that includes representatives from the Town Councils of Álora and Ardales, as well as, the County Council of Málaga which was the driving force behind the project.

The County Council President added: ‘There is to run El Caminito del Rey as a tourist resource. As we had promised, the access to it was free during the first year in order to make it known by people. Now, the new stage of national and international promotion of this spot through specialized companies that are experts in this field has started.’

Mr Bendodo said that El Caminito del Rey is an international make and he thanked to the Town Councils of Álora, Ardales, Antequera and Abdalajîs Valley for their dedication to the project, which, as he underlined, is now real and everybody can enjoy it.

Ticket Price

The economic and administrative conditions of public awarding of El Caminito del Rey management are to be published in the official gazette of the province next week. For 15 working days upon its publishing, companies will be able to present their offers.
According to this new management model of El Caminito del Rey Path, tickets will no longer be free, and the maximum Price they could reach will be €8.2645 more the corresponding VAT. Currently, the sales tax for this kind of tickets is 21% so the ticket price will not be higher than €10.

Due to the protection of this natural spot, a maximum number of 300,000 visitors a year is stipulated, as well as a maximum number of 1,100 people who can come to the path per day.The spot opens from Tuesday to Sunday, except on 24th, 25th and 31st December and 1st January, and when the weather conditions prevent it from receiving visitors.

Assessment Criteria

The document which was approved by the government establishes the price of €75,000 that the County Council of Málaga is to be paid every year. This amount will be invested in the surroundings. The commission in charge of El Caminito del Rey will agree on how to invest the received amount of money.

Furthermore, the document establishes that at least 9% of tickets takings are to be used for the maintenance of the path.
These two matters, the established council tax and percentage allocated to the path’s maintenance, will be taken into consideration when assessing proposals received from companies that tender for a contract. Companies’ solvency (they must generate incomeof €750,000 or more) and their technical abilities.

Proper Use of Facilities

The document includes different indications of the proper use of the path by licensee who is obliged to run the path according to the established conditions, giving no others but services or activities that are established in the contract.

Moreover, the company that manages the path is forbidden tosublease, rent, hand over, transfer ownership or tax this public service concession.

The licensee shall also protect and keep these facilities clean and in perfect and healthy conditions during the time of concession. All small and large repairs, as well as ordinary and extraordinary ones that are necessary for proper running of the path shall be paid by the company in charge as well.

Management and Maintenance Staff

The document that stipulates new management conditions of the path establishes the minimum number of employees that should be hired by the company in charge of the path’s management. There must be security personnel in charge of 24-hour surveillance and security of the path throughout the year, as well as the control cabins with surveillance equipment.

There should also be personnel in charge of selling and booking the tickets and customer service.Moreover, two people responsible for running of the access points in the north and the south of the path (the entrance and exit points), four people who control the path, two information and preparation assistants, two cleaning and maintenance workers, two workers in the cabins and two of them on the bridge are to be provided.

It is also necessary to hire two maintenance officers – one mountaineer and an assistant, who will be responsible for repairing and protecting the infrastructure of any damage.