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Starting from tomorrow, the website of El Caminito del Rey is to be available for bookings for June, July, August and September

Diputación de Málaga


Starting from tomorrow, the website of El Caminito del Rey is to be available for bookings for June, July, August and September

Elías Bendodo informs that the number of visitors to the natural beauty spot will have exceeded 100,000 by the end of summer. 'This is much higher than it was forecast', he added.

Since the new boardwalks were opened last March 28th, more than 9,000 people have gone across the Gaitanes Gorge.

The web page, the only place where the free tickets can be booked, is givinga new booking period for the tickets for June, July, August and September tomorrow, on Friday 10th April.This way, tourists' demand in Spain and abroad for visiting the boardwalks at the Gaitanes Gorge in El Chorro is meant to be satisfied.

County Council President ElîasBendodo, said today that this new booking period would result in 100,000 visitors by September. He added that this number was the proof of 'the great interest' aroused by this tourist inducement sponsored by the County Council of Málaga.

From its opening, on March 28th, to this day, there were 9,000 people who came to visit the path.Even before this date, the tickets for April and May, which is 40,000, had already been booked.This means that the number of visits was much higher than it had been forecast by the County Council and the Town Councils of Álora and Ardales, where the two entrance points to this natural beauty spot are placed.

Up to the present moment, ten different nationalities have visited El Caminito del Rey. Most of the tourists were Spanish, but there was a significant presence of Americans, the British, Germans, the French and Portuguese.

‘A unique place in the world’

Mr. Bendodo underlined that this is 'a unique place in the world, considering that all the mass media showed interest in it and that all web pages which are specialized in active tourism have included it as a must-see destination in 2015.'

Having acknowledged a great international demand for the path, the County Council President encouraged Malaga's inhabitants to 'come and enjoy El Caminito del Rey, because it is one of a kind'.

He underlined: 'We have not expected such international interest nor the one shown by mass media, and neither could we predict this number of visits. Everything is under control, in spite of a big interest in visiting El Caminito del Rey.'

In that sense, it could be noticed that people who came to visit the beauty spot and the path at the Gaitanes Gorge, according to Mr. Bendodo: 'have high expectations of what they want to find there, but when they get to the end of the way, they say that the spot is even more impressive and breathtaking than they have expected.'

The County Council of Málaga invested 5.5m euros in refurbishing El Caminito del Rey. 2.23m of it were allocated to the building of the new boardwalks, and the rest of the money was assigned to the improvement of the access roads and to different equipment.