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The refurbished path El Caminito del Rey obtains 3,200 visits during the first days after its official opening.

Diputación de Málaga


The refurbished path El Caminito del Rey obtains 3,200 visits during the first days after its official opening.

Besides Spain, most visits to the site come from the USA, followed by Germany, UK, Italy and France.

The County Council invests 1.19m euros in widening of a 2.7km-long section of the road from Ardales to El Chorro. Soon, other four kilometres of the same road are to be improved as well.

The refurbished El Caminito del Rey achieved 3,200 visits during the first days after its opening. Round 800 people per day have walked along the path in the Gaitanes Gorge from Saturday 28th March to today, 31st March, so the opening was much better than the County Council expected.

It happens that tomorrow, on 1st April, summer time timetable is starting, so the boardwalks will open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This means that the number of visits is expected to be much higher than before when it was opened from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The number of booking requests for El Caminito del Rey was much higher than it had been predicted, and there are no tickets left for April of May. There is to know that you can obtain your ticket only at the website, and that the tickets are free. Very soon, you will be able to book the tickets for September.

Moreover, this web page contains information about tourist, historical and environmental aspects of the spot. According to a recent survey made by the company Turismo Costa del Sol, USA is, after Spain, the country that has shown the biggest interest in El Caminito del Rey.

Spaniards, above all Andalusians from Málaga, Seville and Granada, and people from Madrid and Barcelona, made three of every four visits. Nevertheless, it is interesting that citizens from the USA were on the second place before some traditionally active markets, such as Germany, UK; Italy, Finland, France, Portugal, Denmark or Belgium.

The data analysis confirms there were 1,362,132 pages that were visited for more than three minutes and a half. Average age of visitors who showed the biggest interest in the path was between 25 and 34 (30%), and 35 to 44 (25%).

Moreover, there were more men than women visitors (56,9% over 43,1%). Four of every ten visits to are through the search engines, 30% are through links, 24% supposed a direct access to the URL, and 7% through the social networks.

Improvements on the MA5403 road

On the other side, the Roads and Works Section of the Public Works Department of the County Council will award works on the roads' improvement for a 4km-long section of the provincial road MA5403 from Ardales to El Chorro. The aim is to provide easier access to the natural beauty spot and to improve the safety of the way due to its more frequent use.

This project is put out to tender for €327,200, and it is related to another one which is being carried out on the same road in order to make wider the section between km 5,360 and 8,100. The latter one is financed with 1.9m euros. When the machines are removed from the road, the above project will be awarded.

Last year, the section between km 4,000 and 5,360 was reinforced last year, while the end of the road at El Chorro (from km 8,100 to 12,200) is in good conditions for traffic.
However, the road is closed due to the current works from Monday to Friday. It only opens at weekends in order to allow traffic towards El Caminito del Rey.

Total investment made by the County Council in the path is around 5.5m euros, out of which 2.23 were allocated to the building of the new boardwalks. The rest of the  money is allocated to the improvement of the access roads and to different equipment.