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Shuttle bus service that connects two entrance points are to be provided for visitors' transport on El Caminito del Rey Path.

Diputación de Málaga


Shuttle bus service that connects two entrance points are to be provided for visitors' transport on El Caminito del Rey Path.

This is possible thanks to the agreement with Consorcio de Transporte Metropolitano del Área de Málaga (the Malaga's Transport Consortium).

This spectacular path is opening to the public tomorrow, on Saturday, thanks to 5.5m investment made by the County Council of Málaga.

A shuttle buses service will be in operation to connect the two access points on El Caminito del Rey Path thanks to an agreement with the Malaga's Transport Consortium.

This will make visitor's transport to this breathtaking site much easier. The path is being officially opened tomorrow, on 28th March, by President of the County Council of Málaga Elîas Bendodo the mayors of Álora and Ardales, Josê Sánchez and Juan Calderón, and mayor of Antequera Manuel Barón.

The County Council have invested the sum of 5.5m euros in the refurbishment of El Caminito del Rey, as 2.24m was spent on the path rebuilding and the rest on other works on roads, the improvement of the access points and different equipment for the natural beauty spot.Mr Bendodo said that the connection of the two access points of the path was 'good news', considering that it would make this experience more comfortable and easier for the visitors.

El Caminito del Rey Path is linear, not circular, and it can be approached from the north (Ardales) or form the south (Álora).Because of this, visitors were advised to come by train, because if not, they were obliged to walk back to the starting point where they had left their car. This way, the estimated time of the route was quite longer.

The shuttle buses, which can be used from this Saturday on, will allow visitors to go back to the start by bus. The price is €1.55, or €0.95 for the visitors who have a transport card.

The route, which is 10.7 km long, goes from El Chorro train stop called 'Caminito del Rey' to the reservoirs' area (El Kiosko restaurant).On the way back, the route will be the same but in another direction.

The bus service will be provided from Tuesday to Sunday. Buses go every half an hour at weekends, and every hour during the week.From 1st April to 31st, buses run from 12:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and during the winter period, from 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

On the other hand, the Town Councils of Álora and Ardales are currently planning to provide shuttle buses that will connect these villages with the path, and are preparing parking places for them.

The Impact of the Path

According to the report created by the Costa del Sol Tourism and Planning, El Caminito del Rey is supposed to provoke the economic impact of 20m euros and create possibilities for 181 new permanent jobs after its official opening.

Round 250,000 people will come to the natural beauty spot Desfiladero de los Gaitanes and its surroundings, and 190,000 of them will visit the path. This means that there are going to be 643 visits a day (the fact that it is closed on Monday and when the wind is strong are taken into account).

Tourists from all over Spain, UK, Germany, Holland, USA, Denmark, France, Belgium or Portugal have already booked their tickets. Moreover, a lot of international media, like Lonely Planet, recommended this as one of the must-do experiences in 2015.