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More than 32,000 people have already booked their tickets for El Caminito del Rey path. They did it during the first week after the website opening.

Diputación de Málaga


More than 32,000 people have already booked their tickets for El Caminito del Rey path. They did it during the first week after the website opening.

The web page received 130,000 visits from Spain, UK, Germany, Holland, USA, Denmark, France, Belgium and Portugal.

Seville has been ranked second best, behind Málaga, among towns that showed interest in the above natural beauty spot, which is to be open on March 28th.

El Caminito del Rey has received 32,048 bookings since its opening last Tuesday, February 24th (last count at 12 o'clock today). The only way to book the free tickets for the natural beauty spot is through the website More than 130,000 visits to the site, out of which 51% were from tablets or mobile phones, have been registered.

For the time being, you can book the tickets ahead for visits during the period before May 29th, this is to say, for two months after the opening of the new boardwalks, which is scheduled for March 28th. The County Council of Málaga is working on the group tickets for up to fifty people with the help of tourist operators who are specialized in active and nature tourism.

Next week, you will be able to book tickets for further dates, after May 29th, due to the amount of bookings made on the website. Most of visits and bookings came form the Province of Málaga, Seville, Madrid, Granada and Barcelona, in that order, have shown the biggest interest in the web page so far.

For the first eight days, 84,000 visits to the site were registered. 93% of the visits were to the Spanish version of the site. Average duration of visits to the site was longer than four minutes, and a maximum number of simultaneous connections was 1,150. After the access to the website was normalized, the average number of visits was 400 to 600 per hour.

Booking requests from different countries

According to the web page analysis carried out by the company Turismo Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol Tourism), the countries that requested tickets for El Caminito del Rey, besides Spain, which generated 94% of the bookings, are UK; Germany, Holland, USA; Denmark, France, Belgium, Portugal and Italy.

Moreover, 63% of visitors, have accessed to the site again. Those visits were longer according to the research. Following web trends, most of visits were done through the Chrome browser.

As for traffic sources, 35% of visits come from search engines, mostly from Google. The URL, is the second web page that appears in a search of the words 'caminito del rey' in spite of its recent opening on February 23rd.

The most visited page of the site is the homepage with the basic information about El Caminito del Rey and access to bookings. Social network sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have influenced the amount of visits as well.

Winter Opening Times

Considering that the opening of the path El Caminito del Rey is scheduled during winter period of time (which is from November 1st to March 31st), the first access to the boardwalks is planned for 10 a.m. and the last for 2 p.m. During summer time, the boardwalks open at 10 a.m. and close at 5 p.m.

El Caminito del Rey can be accessed by adults and children older than eight with their guardians. It is compulsory to come to the chosen access points half an hour before time.

In Public Use and Safety Regulations, which were presented last week by County Council President ElîasBendodo, Mayor of Álora Josê Sanchez and Mayor of Ardales Juan Calderón, can be read that there are no restaurants nor toilets on the route, which takes several hours. There is also written that this is active tourism so certain physical effort and caution are required, although the route is not considered to be dangerous.