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The 2015 Tour of Spain is to generate more than 1.5m euros profit for the Province of Málaga

Diputación de Málaga


The 2015 Tour of Spain is to generate more than 1.5m euros profit for the Province of Málaga

General manager Javier Guillen says the tour will go through 190 countries and its public will number more than 330m people in the whole world.

County Council President Elías Bendodo emphasizes that Málaga is the first province that has hosted four stages of the Cycling Route around Spain (Vuelta a España) in the same year.

The Province of Málaga is going to be in charge of the first four stages of the 2015 Cycling Route round Spain. This will provide direct financial benefits, which are higher than €1.5m.

At a press conference, County Council President Elîas Bendodo, general manager of the route Javier Guillen and Margarita del Cid, the President of the Association of Municipalities of Costa del Sol, analysed financial benefits the Tour of Spain will create for the province. Juan Jesús Bernal, the County Council Sport Department representative, was as well present at the conference.

Mr Bendodo emphasized that Málaga was the first province with four stages in this tour in the same year, and he expressed that the city has always hosted the tour 'with great expectations'. He as well pointed out that the race 'goes through the most important parts of the province', referring to the spectacular port Puerto Banús in Marbella, and the path El Caminito del Rey.

The County Council President named the four stages, which are the following: Puerto Banús-Marbella (22nd August), Alhaurîn de la Torre-Caminito del Rey, Mijas-Málaga and the fourth one which starts in Estepona and its finish line is in Vejer de la Frontera.

The 2015 Tour of Spain will go through 17 towns or villages of the province: Marbella, Alhaurîn el Grande, Coîn, Alozaina, Pizarra, Álora, Ardales, Alhaurîn de la Torre, Mijas, Cártama, Málaga, Benamargosa, Vêlez Málaga, Rincón de la Victoria, Estepona, Manilva and Casares. Moreover, the teams are to be introduced in Benahavîs, and the route is going to be presented in Torremolinos.

This is why the President of the Association of Municipalities referred to the tour as 'an incomparable promotional tool' of the Costa del Sol, which is going to participate in the event.

The manager of the tour indicated that this race brings between 2,500 and 3,000 people on daily bases. In the case of the province where the race starts, this number is even bigger because the race caravan stays for, at least, six nights at the same place. There the teams also do the shopping for the following 23 days of the race. Actually, the organizers will start coming to the province on Sunday, 16th of August.

Mr Guillen, who considered Malaga's hotel service to be 'extraordinary', also said that more than 500 vehicles, including more than 30 trailers, come every day due to the tour and fill in their tanks in the province. Daily expenses on petrol come to €16,000.

Direct financial benefits, which are higher than €1.5m, clearly compensate the investment of 400,000 euros made by the County Council and the Association of Municipalities. The general manager claimed that 'there are four euros of benefits for every euro which was invested, besides the fact that Málaga and Costa del Sol get to be advertised all over the world thanks to the tour'.

The race will be followed in 190 countries and its audience will reach 330 people in the whole world (31 million people in Spain). Moreover, there is a high coverage of the event in Belgium, Holland, Norway and Denmark, which are homes of potential tourists at the Costa del Sol, where the tour is the best ambassador.

The province will be broadcast live on TVE (Spanish National Television) channel 1 for six hours (12 if we count rerunning on Teledeporte). The team's presentation will also be broadcast. Mr Guillen reassured that this promo campaign would cost 7m euros, and he confirmed the participation of some cyclists, such as Quintana, Valverde o 'Purito' Rodrîguez.

The tour will have a high media coverage in Spain. In 2014, there were 6,625 news about the tour in the press, 600 on the radio, 516 on TV and 18,781 in digital media, as well as on social networking sites.