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Málaga County Council is to allocate 1m euros to the improvement of the access road to the surroundings of Bobastro and to El Caminito del Rey path

Diputación de Málaga


Málaga County Council is to allocate 1m euros to the improvement of the access road to the surroundings of Bobastro and to El Caminito del Rey path

This action is going to help solving an endemic problem of the zone, considering that the road will be wider so busses could overtake.

It will also help road security, as it is written in the Profitable Investments Plan.

The Málaga County Council is going to allocate 1m to the refurbishment of MA-5403 road from Ardales to El Chorro. This is an access way to the surroundings of Bobastro and El Caminito del Rey, as Elîas Bendodo said in the company of Mayor Juan Calderón during his visit to the Town Hall of Ardales.

More specifically, the works will be done between the junction of the way to the reservoirs (PK 5+360), and the junction of MA-4400 road that gives access to Bobastro at PK 8+100. The mentioned road is currently only 4 metres wide, which makes it impossible for busses to overtake in the direction of El Caminito del Rey, going past El Chorro Reservoir.

Mr Bendodo explained that this intervention formed the Profitable Investments Plan of the County Council, and that the improvements on the road would be a solution to this ‘endemic problem’.

Therefore, the project, which was prepared by the Public Works Department managed by Ignacio Mena, aims to widen the road up to 6 metres, and improve road security by installing barriers and vertical or horizontal signs.

The Mayor of Álora, Josê Sánchez, and Valle de Abdalajîs Mayor Vîctor Castillo, as well as the County Council representatives for Tourism and Territory Promotion, Jacobo Florido, and for the Rural Economy Development, Leonor Garcîa-Agua, attended the presentation.

The County Council President pointed out that there was six months deadline for carrying out the project once it had been started, and emphasized that Bobastro surroundings and El Caminito del Rey: ‘are areas with the biggest potential in the province.’

‘The Profitable Investments Plan is possible thanks to austere solutions in the case of expenses, and responsible resource management’, Mr Bendodo said, and reminded that the project included infrastructure, tourism, culture and food and agriculture industry related actions which were to be done at strategic places in order to benefit surrounding municipalities.

The County Council President said the refurbishment works on the road are a key to Improvements in Guadalhorce area, and affirmed that this government obsession was creating jobs and obtaining benefits for the province.
Then he underlined that provincial 2013 budget for investments was increased by 35%, that is to say, it comprises 40m euros, and that 38m were allocated to a Provincial Plan of Assistance and Cooperation with Municipalities.