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Company Sando from Málaga got the most points in the tender for the reconstruction of El Caminito del Rey

Diputación de Málaga


Company Sando from Málaga got the most points in the tender for the reconstruction of El Caminito del Rey

After the offers that tendered for a contract are estimated, chosen company is to give 5 % of the awarded quantity as guarantee in order to be officially awarded the contract.

The building company Construcciones Sando from Málaga obtained the most points in a public tender invited by the Málaga County Council for the reconstruction of the path – El Caminito del Rey. They got 96. 75 points after the envelopes had been opened and the offers analyzed by the Contracting Service.

According to specifications, the company needs to give guarantee, which is 5% of their economic offer, by February 11th. The sum is round 100,000 euros. Once this formal step is inspected by the Contracting Service, Sando will be officially awarded the project.

After this action is completed, there is to sign a contract for works on the reconstruction of the boardwalk over El Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, one of the most important tourist and environmental landmarks of Málaga, which is currently closed for public. Before the works start, the project’s Security and Health Plan must be approved.

Five of the companies which tendered for a contract fulfilled the required conditions. Besides Sando, the building companies Acciona Infraestructuras, Ucov-Helopav, San Josê and OHL were selected for the last phase. The beginning of the project is to be announced in few weeks.

Ten Months of Works; Mountaineers and Helicopters

The Málaga County Council takes on responsibility for financing the project, put out to tender for 3.12 m euros. For that purpose, the Council allocated 2.3 m to this project budget for this year, and the rest of it will be invested in 2015, when the opening is planned. Deadline for the project is ten months from its beginning and includes the creation of biological station in certain zones to help vultures nesting.

It will be necessary to hire helicopters to move materials and workers specialized in climbing to build the new boardwalk. For that purpose, they are going to use wooden boards with metallic moorings and drill holes in the rock. Moreover, some of the sections are going to be made of glass so that the gorge could be seen.

The works on the project include rebuilding of the whole path El Caminito del Rey, which is four km long, and, above all, a new 1.2 km long boardwalk. Therefore, it was necessary to establish cooperation between Ardales, Álora and Antequera, which have issued town planning reports about compatibility of the project; and the Andalusian Government, which is responsible for environmental issues. 

Hundred Metres Above the River

Moreover, the project includes control cabins that are going to be built as the entrance and exit points at both ends of the path. They are going to be placed in the municipalities of Ardales and Álora, and will improve the security of the infrastructure thanks to the access control.

The path El Caminito del Rey is hanging in the air and it is built on the walls of the gorge – Desfiladero de los Gaitanes at an average altitude of hundred metres above the river. The path was built because the Hydroelectric Company El Chorro needed an access way between the two precipices in order to make it easier for the maintenance workers to approach the zone, and to transport materials.

Construction on the first Caminito del Rey started in 1901 and it was complete in 1905. The path was called after King Alfonso XIII who went along it in 1921 to officially open the Count of Guadalhorce’s Reservoir. As the time went by, this unique beauty spot got damaged and became out of use.

El Caminito del Rey is one of the most important projects of the current term of office of the County Council because it will save one of the most significant tourist and environmental landmarks in the Guadalhorce Valley and the province in general. This beauty spot is of a great historic importance, and it is believed to be one of the most incredible places in the world.