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Mountaineers who worked on the rebuilding of the path El Caminito del Rey took away 20t of rubble from the boardwalk

Diputación de Málaga


Mountaineers who worked on the rebuilding of the path El Caminito del Rey took away 20t of rubble from the boardwalk

Waste is moved by wheelbarrows or in bags due to a narrow space next to the walls of the gorge Desfiladero de los Gaitanes.

The works progress at a proper pace, waiting for the first biological station that should ease vulture needing to be finished on the 1st July.

According to Representative of the Public Works and Architecture County Council Department  Ignacio Mena, the specialized mountaineers who work on the rebuilding of El Caminito del Rey, one of the most important projects of the Málaga County Council during the present term of office, removed 20t of rubble from the old boardwalk.

The waste that was removed by workers mostly consisted of broken pieces of rails and skirting boards that were unstable or about to fall down. This cleaning task is part of the 2.24m euros project awarded to the company Sando from Málaga, which plans to open the beauty site in 2015. The works, which go at a fast pace, were started last March.

Mr Mena explained that the parts of the old boardwalk of the path that are not damaged will continue hanging from the rock as an architectural relic. This possibility was included in the project because the new platform is going to be built from wood over the old one and some of the sections are going to be transparent so the old path over the gorge could be seen.

The workers have to use wheelbarrows or even bags to remove rubble due to a narrow space. Mr Mena explains that this fact requires ‘the use of helicopters to move building materials to the building site.’ In order to remove damaged sections, metal cutting tools without sparks were used to prevent from fire.

Two Tons  of Rubbish

During the cleaning of the rest areas on the path, which were used in spite of the fact that the access was forbidden due to hazard, 2t of rubbish – bottles, cans, different containers and paper, were removed. The workers believe they will take away one tone of waste in each of the zones of the gorge (in theTowns of Ardales and Álora).

Currently, the mountaineers in charge of building the new boardwalk work in Álora because the section of the path in Ardales is isolated because of a biological station which is part of the project. The station is being created in order to protect vultures’ nests in the beauty spot Desfiladero de los Gaitanes.

Mr Mena says that this station is going to be finished on 1st July and will be open until 31st December, when a new biological period, which was also included in the project, will start. When the works are completed, El Caminito del Rey will be accessible to everybody and will become environmental landmark and a world-famous tourist hotspot again.

The technique which was used for this purpose was similar to the one used between 1901 and 1905 by the employees of the Hydroelectric Power Company El Chorro to build the boardwalk. The mountaineers hang on the walls in order to fix the panels onto the rock of the gorge. In 1921, the path was a service way which got its name after King Alfonso XIII, who had walked across it to open the Reservoir of Count of Guadalhorce.