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Tourist mobile phone app, which includes 2000 sites, upgraded by the County Council

Diputación de Málaga


Tourist mobile phone app, which includes 2000 sites, upgraded by the County Council

Costa del Sol app in four languages supplies with resources of 103 towns in the province

The County Council of Málaga has upgraded the tourist app called 'Costa del Sol Málaga', which can be downloaded four languages (Spanish, English, French and German). The new version includes some new projects launched by the County Council such as the Great Málaga Path, El Caminito del Rey Path , Coastal Path or 'Bosque de Cobre' (the Copper Forest).

Environment and Territory Promotion Representative for the Málaga County Council marina Bravo explained that this is the second version of the app launched in 2013, which was developed thanks to the effort of several departments of the County Council like Town Planning and Computer Department, and coordinated by the Environmental and Territory Promotion Department.

Moreover, Ms Bravo underlined the support obtained by the town councils in the process of improvement of the tourist experience, by promoting more than 2000 Geographic locations in the province. These sites were uploaded on the app so the browsing would be faster.

They are also included on the County Council web pages, where you can find more updated information about the towns,

Furthermore, there is information about 103 towns in the province which can be downloaded for free on Smartphones and tablets with Google's Android or Apple's iOS operating systems through Google Play and iTunes.  The app is also available at the following web site:

There are also tools and videos, as well as guides, history data and links to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, where you can share data about the Costa del Sol with the rest of the world in real time.
From now on, our challenge is to improve the data supply with new videos, photos and tourist resources, above all, those which are related to trendy locations such as wine cellars or countryside  (routes, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, plants and animals). The data base is continuously updated as the application uploads last data available when it is opened.
News regarding the Tourist Supply

Marina Bravo said that the app is useful not only for tourists but also for local people, as it has practical information besides being a kind of guidebook. For example, there is information about all the beaches in the province, as well as marinas, water parks or attractions, as well as places in the towns or in the countryside with dramatic views of each of the villages and towns or landscapes.

This is why it has been important to supply tourists with multimedia files so they could actually see places and decide which to visit.

The app also has a section dedicated to some basic services such as health care and public safety. In the first place, there are locations of health centres, hospitals and emergency services in the province, while in the second one, you can see the locations of the headquarters of the Spanish police force.
Next Improvements

The plan is to include information about Unique Festivities of Tourist Interest in the County of Málaga (there are 79 at the moment) and the WiFi points in the towns.

Marina Bravo also said that the hiking, cycling and climbing routes as well as Via Ferratas are going to have key role in the Costa del Sol Málaga App as it has been upgraded on regular bases.

Málaga is the first province in Spain which supplies with this kind of tourist service by covering its entire territory with 103 towns split in nine areas (7,306 km). The County Council had to gather data about tourist, historical, cultural, natural, and administrative resources in the province in order to achieve such aim. Moreover, the computer service has prepared a data base and servers that can provide users with real-time download through streaming.