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County Council of Málaga makes three moves to promote the active tourism in the surroundings of El Chorro

Diputación de Málaga


County Council of Málaga makes three moves to promote the active tourism in the surroundings of El Chorro

Via ferrata at Los Albercones was created i order to go around the Huma Mountains and there is a spot for enjoying wonderful views on the MA-5403

The County Council of Málaga continues promoting active tourism, which is becoming more and more popular, as the attraction which can be done in inland towns. This is why a via ferrata climbing route was made in the surroundings of El Chorro. It consists of a trail and a view point, for which € 33,000 were invested.

Today, Marina Bravo, the Environment and Territory Promotion Representative for the Málaga County Council, has presented some new actions performed together with Mayor of Ardales  María del Mar González, Mayor of Álora José Sánchez and councillors of both of these towns.

Ms Bravo underlined that the county council is developing some new projects related to the active tourism around the Great Málaga Path, as this should promote and stimulate many towns.

On one hand, a new via ferrata was created at Los Albercones close to the exit from El Caminito dell Rey Path in Álora. This trail can be accessed at the El Chorro Train Station.. This climbing route is 600 m long and has en elevation of 250 m. It also includes a zip-line and two bridges. It is medium difficult.

The estimated time for this route, starting from the car park and back, is round three and a half hours. The County Council  has invested € 15,600 in this project. This facility is one of the eighteen via ferratas that exist in the province, and which are used by more than 100,000 people every year. This network, which has been financed by the county council as well is the most important on the Iberian Peninsula.

On the other hand, a spot with spectacular views has been created at the lay-by on MA-5403 road, at kilometre 9,300. This view point has been turned into a geological observatory thanks to a € 7,408 investment.

Moreover, a short-distance path that goes to the Huma Mountains, has been improved by signposting the way up to the mountain, and a new path that goes from the Great Málaga Path and comes back to it at stage 23, between the Guadalhorce Reservoirs and El Chorro Train Station, has been created. This is a 12 km-long circular trail for which € 9,680 were invested.