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Route round Spain in 2015 is to have four stages in the Province of Málaga.

Diputación de Málaga


Route round Spain in 2015 is to have four stages in the Province of Málaga.

It starts at Banús Port, goes along El Caminito del Rey path and through, at least, eleven municipalities.

Banús Port – Marbella, Alhaurín de la Torre – El Caminito del Rey, Mijas – Málaga and Estepona – Vejer de la Fronter are stages that give Málaga a key role in the Spanish Route.

Mr Bendodo emphasizes that the event will have important influence on towns’ economy and, after the broadcast in 178 countries, it will promote them worldwide.

The 2015 Cycling Route round Spain is going to have four stages in the Province of Málaga, including the start of race in Puerto Banús (Banús Port). The route will come to El Caminito del Rey and go through, at least, eleven municipalities, as it was confirmed by County Council President Elîas Bendodo, and General Manager of the race Javier Guillên at a happening in the County Council’s headquarters.

The race will start on 22nd August, and will have a time trial in Marbella. Mr Bendodo said: ’the start is in Puerto Banús, an emblematic place of the Costa del Sol, and an international tourist hotspot.’ Financial benefits for the town in which a stage starts is 300,000 euros, but on Monday, 17th August, cyclists expeditions are coming ‘so the return on investment will be much bigger’, he explained.

On the other side, Mr Guillên praised international image of the Costa del Sol as an advertising gimmick of the race, ‘above all in 2015, on the 80th birthday of the first race, when we need a high-level route as the one we have chosen for celebrating this anniversary.’ For the General Manager of the race, the quality sought by the organizers of this international event ‘is, no doubt, achieved with the Costa del Sol,’ he stressed.

The mayors and representatives of eleven municipalities that are going to welcome the race attended its presentation in the County Council building. The mayors and the towns of Málaga (Francisco de la Torre), Marbella (Ángeles Muñoz), Estepona (Josê Marîa Garcîa Urbano), Benahavîs, Torremolinos (Pedro Fernández Montes), Mijas (Ángel Nozal), Alhaurîn de la Torre (Sport Councillor Prudencio Ruiz), Antequera (Manuel Barón), Álora (Josê Sánchez), Ardales (Juan Calderón) and Abdalajîs Valley are receiving 2,500 people who belong to the race caravan, including teams, organization staff, helpers, security staff, and 300 journalists from all over the world.

Arrival at the surroundings of El Caminito del Rey

The County Council President stressed that the end of the second stage is connecting the Municipality Alhaurîn de la Torre and the trail – El Caminito del Rey, the spot at the gorge – Desfiladero de los Gaitanes which is being refurbished by the Málaga County Council, and is going to be open in 2015. He added: ‘We are specially glad and thrilled because, thanks to the Route round Spain, this one and only spot in the world, which will impressed everyone, is going to have an invaluable advertisement.’

Third stage goes from Mijas to Málaga City, while the fourth stretches from Estepona and gets out of the province towards Vejer de la Frontera (Cadiz) after four days of race that is going to be broadcast in 178 countries. ‘Our province is going to star this race, one of the three greatest cyclist races in the world’, Mr Bendodo applauded.

Moreover, he pointed out that 2015 Cycling Route round Spain uses Costa del Sol as a reference in order to promote the province in a best way. On Friday before the beginning of the race, Spanish Public Television Station (TVE) has a live broadcast of teams presentation in Benahavîs. They will offer live broadcast of the race for two hours every day.

Presentation in Torremolinos, 10th January

According to Mr Guillen, the presentation of the race 2015 Route round Spain is going to take place in the Auditorium of Torremolinos on 10th January. Spanish Public TV Station TVE will broadcast the event, during which final information about the race will be said (number of stages, technical characteristics, finish and start lines in all cities or break time dates of the peloton).

Mayor of Málaga Francisco de la Torre expressed his satisfaction as the fact that the finish line of one of the stages is in Málaga City. He also stressed the importance of the institutional collaboration between the Town Councils, whose aim was to achieve more prominent role of the province in the event. Moreover, he was certain about getting positive answer from Málaga’s fans, and reminded about 2000 and 2006 Route round Spain that started in the city as well.

Furthermore, Mayor of Marbella Ángeles Muñoz claimed that this is ‘an important tourist marketing event’ for the involved municipalities. ‘The Town Councils will make a great logistic effort in order to celebrate 2005 Route round Spain in an absolutely safe and sporty way, and to organize it successfully’, she added.

Finally, the President of the Association of Municipalities of Costa del Sol, Margarita del Cid, assured that this race will contribute to the importance of this part of the province ‘and it represents a sure way to promote the territory through a quality happening such as the Route round Spain.’