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El Caminito del Rey becomes internationally famous thanks to 145 different mass media companies from 22 countries

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El Caminito del Rey becomes internationally famous thanks to 145 different mass media companies from 22 countries

In a bit more than two months, 78 international mass media companies, such as the Washington Post, CNN, BBC or Die Welt, became interested in this path.

Mr. Bendodo emphasizes that this resulted in millions of potential tourists to come to strategic, traditional and emerging places on the Costa del Sol.

El Caminito del Rey, an excellent active tourism destination in 2015, aroused tourist and media interest all over the world only a month after it had been opened on March 28th.

As for the consequences of the mass media coverage, this 8km-long path, between Álora, Ardales and Antequera, has been visited by 145 mass media companies from 22 different countries since a bit more than two months ago. Some media companies walked along the path even before its official opening.

Among this 145 media organizations, 78 foreign and 67 national broadcast stations and newspapers, there are some prestigious names such asthe Washington Post, USA Today, The Guardian (with 1.5 million visits a month to their web page), Clarîn, Corrieredella Sera, Die Welt, SuddeutscheZeitung, Aftonbladet, and many others.

Moreover, the news was reported by audio-visual info groups or TV broadcast services like CNN, BBC, TF1 France, Globonewsor Fuji TV; and news agencies such as Associated Press. There was also coverage by media specialized in active tourism (I – trekking), travelling (Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor) and sport (L´Équipe), and even by the economic journal Financial Times.

The Costa del Sol Tourism president, ElîasBendodo, claimed that this coverage turned the path into‘an active tourism reference in the world’,and promoted itat different tourist markets of strategic interest for the Costa del Sol, such as the UK or Germany, or traditionally interested ones like France or Nordic countries.

Nevertheless, it has also been seen by thousands of potential tourists in emerging markets or countries from different continents, like Brazil, Japan, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Russia, Cuba and India.

There is to add numerous web pages (of the media, tour operators, and tourist agencies), which, in spite of not seeing the path as the above 145 media companies, advertised this tourist attraction as well.

23,500 visitors during a month

The great interest shown by the national and international media for El Caminito del Rey, influenced the high demand for the tickets and the number ofusers at the path’s website. Actually, there were 23,500 visits during the first month after the opening, and 70,000 bookings for the period between June and September.