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Cuento y leyenda de Cútar.

Diputación de Málaga
Portada Guía de cuentos y leyendas de la Axarquía.ESP

Cuento y leyenda de Cútar.

Zip Code 29718
Chronicles and Legends (si se trata de historia)

Its name comes from the Arabic word “hisn aqut” meaning acute castle.

  • Name of its inhabitants:


  • Legend:

Everyone in Cútar talks about a terrifying legend. The subject is the cry of the bird of death. Fear and terror grips anyone who is out at night and hears the cry of the bird of death. The people say that, in the cold of the night, around Cútar, a light appears, beautiful and radiant phosphorescence that attracts anyone who looks at it: it is the light of the bird of death. If the person who sees it, drawn by its irresistible attraction, gets too near, he will hear the piercing cry of the bird of death and a horrifying cold feeling will run through his body; he will be stricken with terror, will exhale his last breath and will disappear. Many people claim that the tradition says that over the centuries the number of disappeared persons has gone up, along with those that have been found dead; in total they number over one hundred. The advice is that anyone who sees the attractive light should flee without looking back.

Something of great interest is the water fountain which is situated to the south of the town, next to the road that runs along the town, and which is in a perfect state and is still used. It is covered by a simple square construction which makes it unique in the province of Málaga. It was built in Arab times and is known in the Survey of 1.571 as “aina alcaharia” (the fountain of the farmstead).

Another interesting thing we find in this same survey of 1.571 is the phrase that says: ” if any Moor has a sexual relationship with any Christian woman, he should die for it…” With phrases like these, it does not seem that there was much tolerance during the idealized period of Moorish domination.


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