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Map of the urban route of Pujerra (in Spanish and in English)

Diputación de Málaga
Plano de la ruta urbana de Pujerra (en español e inglés)

Map of the urban route of Pujerra (in Spanish and in English)

This publication has been made under the Development Plan to Promote Tourism in the Serrania de Ronda, is bilingual (English and Spanish), and includes at the back a description and a map of the urban routes of the Serrania de Ronda.

The fist settlers of Pujerra were the Romans. It has been found in the municipality remains of bricks with Christian inscriptions or Bracaris, dated from the 2nd C. BC, according to some researchers, that would evidence the presence of the Romans here. On the other hand, there is a legend about Pujerra that tells that Wamba, a native of the town, was designated Visigoth King in the 7th C.

The current layout of the town is owned however to the Arabs, as happened in the neighbouring towns. Once Ronda fell into the Christian hands in 1485, and mainly once the Moriscos (converted Muslims) were expelled in 1570, Pujerra experienced a massive depopulation, becoming necessary to bring Christian from outside. However, this measure was not enough to repopulate towns as Cenay or Bentomiz, today disappeared.

After a period of certain economic growth thanks to the small mining production during the 18th C., Pujerra was involved in the guerrilla against the Napoleonic troops in the Independence War (1802 – 1814). Fernando VII granted the village the status of “villa” as reward for the loyalty given in the War.

Recomended Walk:

Let us start the route at the entrance of the town, in Fuente street. After cooling you down at Hilaero fountain, go down in the direction of the square where the church of El Espîritu Santo (16th C.) and the Town Hall are placed. Continue on into the small ring road that surrounds Pujerra to enjoy of the chestnut fields. At this point, enjoy of the endless views of the chestnut trees of great sentimental value for the municipality (Mercedes chestnut tree). A hundred meters forward, you will arrive to the start point of this circular route.

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