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Bird Guide (for children) of the Sierra Norte de Málaga (in Spanish)

Diputación de Málaga
Guía de aves infantil de la Sierra Norte de Málaga

Bird Guide (for children) of the Sierra Norte de Málaga (in Spanish)

Books of Tourist Interest

With the support of the Competitiveness Tourist Plan of the Sierra Norte de Malaga, the Development Group ADR-Nororma has conducted an original publication consisting of a bird guide whose drawings have been made by the children of this region.
After the introduction to bird watching, the publication describes some of the almost 150 species that can be observed in the Sierra Norte. Birds has been divided into several groups, namely by several orders. Each order is differentiated in color and, within each order, the reader can find different families, with a varying number of birds.
Each description includes the bird's common name and the scientific one (Latin and in two words, the genus name and a species). There are many birds with the same gender, although the species name is unique for each type.