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Six spouts’ Fountain

Diputación de Málaga
Fuente de los Seis Caños, Gaucín

Six spouts’ Fountain

One of the most interesting features on the urban horizon is the Fuente de los Seis Caños, which is located in the village square at its widest point.

Built in 1628, this fountain is made of sandstone and is set in a front with two pilasters. The six “caños” ( jets of water) are set into the front piece and have six different faces each one carved around its respctive “caño”.

The pilasters have no base to them instead they run straight into large drinking troughs with stone surround. which are used by the general public. Los pilares carecen de base y a sus pies están unos voluminosos pilones, abrevaderos públicos y un graderîo todo ello en zócalo de piedra The capitals are made of a series of wooden sheets that have curves and angles placed on upon another.

The upper part of the fountain is a closed pediment with a coat of arms of a noble family in the centre. This is decorated by flowery patterns in curved lines true to a 17Ith century Baroque style.

As a piece of architecture it has a definite baroque feeling but is also reminiscent of Juan de Herrera’s work.

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Discover more about the province of Malaga