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Torre del Padrón (El Padrón Tower)

Diputación de Málaga
Torre del Padrón, Estepona

Torre del Padrón (El Padrón Tower)

Ctra. Nacional 340, salida Km.159 (Jardines Hotel Kempinski)
Zip Code 29680
Monuments and Art > The Tower and The Fortified Building

Period: Modern Age
Construction system: Masonry and brickwork
Style of architecture: Simple
Architectural elements: Truncated cone shape, 12 m high, high-level entrance with machicolation
Condition: Rebuilt
History: Defence and surveillance should have been conducted only from the rooftop.
Access to the Coastal Path: Yes
Geolocation: 36º 26’ 5’’ N 5º 6’ 28’’ O
Surroundings: This tower stands on the grounds of the Kempinski Hotel, next to the beach and by the mouth of the Padrón river, which flows from Sierra Bermeja. Its surroundings are, therefore, not suitable for cultural activities.


The tower, dating from the second half of the 16th century, was built on a circular plan. Its interior includes a room with a fireplace and brick dome, a staircase, and a terrace.

Additional information

Estepona’s 21-km coastline boasts seven watchtowers of Muslim and Castilian origin that now serve as evidence of a defence system that lasted until the 19th century. Following the Castilian conquest, Turkish and North African pirates raided the Andalusian coasts very frequently, capturing villagers to sell into slavery and looting properties. Hence, the people did not want to help repopulate the area. To combat such pirate landings, the Christians set up a defence system consisting of a series of shore-based towers that, when under enemy attack, would give warning by using smoke signals during the day and light signals at night. In Spanish, such kind of tower is called torre almenara, torre atalaya or torre vigía (watchtower). Estepona preserves six towers of Christian origin and one of Muslim origin.

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Ctra. Nacional 340, salida Km.159 (Jardines Hotel Kempinski)
Zip Code 29680

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