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Torre de Lifa (Tower of Lifa). Ronda (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga
Torre de Lifa, Ronda (Rincón Singular)

Torre de Lifa (Tower of Lifa). Ronda (Unique Site)

Monuments and Art > The Tower and The Fortified Building

It was built during the Nasrid period for strategic purposes when the frontier was modified following the Pedro of Castile's conquest of El Burgo in 1362. The castles of Las Cuevas, Ardales and Cañete were also conquered at that time

Recommended month to visit it: November.

On the old road that connects the towns of El Burgo and Ronda, crossing part of the region of Sierra de las Nieves, in the valley of the same name, we find the Torre de Lifa [Tower of Lifa]. It is a watchtower that barely stands, in the place where it said the Castle of Lys - one of the fortresses that supported the uprising of Bobastro and that where laid to waste by the Umayyads - used to be.

It is doubtlessly one of the most magical sites of the province of Málaga. The watchtower is connected to a small fort and Roman remains have also been found nearby.

  • Trail start: 308434 / 4069489
  • Parking:  311312 / 4068404
  • Tower of Lifa: 318862 / 4069587
Additional information

Starting from Ronda towards El Burgo following the GR-249 signs, you will pass through the plains of Lifa, where you will be able to spot the tower's remains.

In the Lifa Valley, there is an unusual terebinth forest. This type of tree is rarely seen in these latitudes.

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