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Marina Square. Municipal Tourist Office

Diputación de Málaga
Oficina de Turismo. Málaga

Marina Square. Municipal Tourist Office

Zip Code 29001
Monuments and Art > Remarkable Building

This square in the centre of Malaga, situated between the Alameda Principal and the Paseo del Parque, is one of the city's most characteristic sites.

The elegance of the numerous buildings that surround it, despite its modern lines, allow it to harmonise with the monumental features of the historic quarter. In the centre of the square the playful waters of the fountain provide a cheerful ambiance for this neuralgic centre of city life.

A few palm trees and garden beds, together with the impressive pillars that delimit the access to the port area, constitute another of the many elements that give this corner of Malaga its distinctive character. The square was included in the town planning in the middle of the 19th century, when the city was opened to the sea after the Muslim walls south of the city were demolished.

Since then it has been remodelled on several occasions, the last time only a few years ago.

The Municipal Tourist Office is located on a corner of the central part of the square.

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