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Museo El Molino (Mill Museum in Ojén)

Diputación de Málaga
ETAPA 32. GSM. Museo del Molino. Ojén

Museo El Molino (Mill Museum in Ojén)

The “El Molino” Museum in Ojén is a unique building located at the end of Charcas Street. The local authority commissioned the restoration and furnishing works, including the partial restoration of the working millstone inside the building. Then, as part of the Plan to Promote Tourism in Sierra de la Nieves, the work was finished off for the museum opening, which also was to serve as a Tourist Information Point.
Inside, the building’s structure is similar to a country farmhouse, and once past the wrought iron fence at the entrance visitors walk into an open courtyard where the olives used to be stored along with the raw materials necessary for the making of the famous “spirit drink” of Ojén.

The Tourist Information Point can be found at the entrance and leads on to the Exhibition Hall where the actual working mill is located. In this main exhibition hall, there is an enormous millstone that is powered by water and the waterwheel that moves the stone can be seen just behind it. Furthermore, there are some modern flat television screens linked to loudspeakers that show and explain how it all works and also show a presentation of the village and the Sierra de las Nieves.

There is also a restored old distillery in the Hall, which was used in the production of the village’s famous “spirit drink”.

Some display panels showing images of the Sierra de la Nieves can be seen in the Exhibition Hall, the one that leads into it, and on the upper floor.

From time to time, this small museum is used as an Exhibition Hall for other photographic expositions.

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