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Interactive Music Museum of Malaga. “Mimma”

Diputación de Málaga
MIMMA. Museo Interactivo de la Música de Málaga 2

Interactive Music Museum of Malaga. “Mimma”

The MIMMA was conceived as a result of Music in Action, a joint project by Interexpo and Miguel Ángel Piêdrola Orta staged at the Casa de las Ciencias in La Coruña in 1996.

The museum consists of 24 rooms featuring one of the most comprehensive private collections in Europe, over 300 instruments from different periods, countries and cultures, which are classified as follows:

The Origins of Music.

Early Instruments.

String Instruments.

Wind Instruments.

Percussion Instruments.

The History of Recorded Sound.

Music and the Cinema.

The Radio.

The different instruments on display offer the visitor a tour that takes in the musical culture of all five continents over a wide time span ranging from prehistory to the present day. A genuine pre-Columban ocarina, an Inca Huara Puara or stone flute, flutes made from femur bones, a Kissar or African lyre made from a skull and used during funeral ceremonies and an VIII-century Chinese lute are just a few of the original instruments that can be found on display at the MIMMA.

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Discover more about the province of Malaga