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Museo Arqueológico de Frigiliana y Casa del Apero (Archaeological Museum of Frigiliana and the Apero House)

Diputación de Málaga
Museo arqueológico. Frigiliana (7)

Museo Arqueológico de Frigiliana y Casa del Apero (Archaeological Museum of Frigiliana and the Apero House)

Frigiliana’s town centre boasts a unique Andalusian layout and reveals the history of a farmstead that underwent its highest demographic and agricultural development during the Nasrid era. This period was crucial in the flight of the Moors, who fled from all parts of the Kingdom of Granada to Northern Africa.

The site houses objects from archaeological sites like Poyos del Molinillo and Cerrillo de las Sombras. The former is a hut settlement model arranged on the slope of a hill that is typical from the Bronze Age. Its indigenous communities established contact with the Phoenician colonies on the coast between the 7th and 6th centuries BCE. In the latter site, cremation tombs have been located within Phoenician-inspired containers.

The Archaeological Museum of Frigiliana aims to spread its cultural and historical heritage of this village, promote awareness, protection, and conservation. Consequently, the collections displayed walk the visitor through the history of Frigiliana, which expresses itself in the significant sites of the municipality.

The building chosen to locate the museum is emblematic, the so-called The Apero, a seventeenth-century building whose function was to attend and receive mule drivers activities linked to another famous monument in the history of Frigiliana: the Ingenio.

The Apero has recently been restored and fitted out as a multi-purpose building, including the museum we discussed, the municipal library, an exhibition hall and the tourism office.

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