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Roman theatre

Diputación de Málaga
Málaga Viajera. Anfiteatro romano. Málaga

Roman theatre

c/ Alcazabilla 8
Zip Code 29012
Monuments and Art > Roman Theatre

Period 1st Century B.C.

The Teatro Romano was built at the beginning of the 1st century CE, coinciding with the cities' urbanization process by which large buildings were raised. In Malaca, this new architecture marked a shift away from the old Phoenician-Punic tradition.

The Roman theatre sits at the foot of the Alcazaba. It was discovered in 1951 during the works to build a garden at the entrance of the Casa de la Cultura (a cultural centre for the citizens).

The theatre was built in times of Augustus and was in use until the 3rd century. Later, the Moors made use of it as a quarry in order to restore the Alcazaba, still boasting Roman column shafts and capitals.

Today, the areas left uncovered are the entrance gallery to the proscenium (stage), which had a vaulted barrel ceiling, part of the orchestra area of around 15 m with three different tiers, a radius of 31 m and a height of 16 m, as well as the vomitorium or accesses to the seating tiers.

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