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Diputación de Málaga
Palacio Episcopal. Málaga


Plaza del Obispo nº 6
Zip Code 29015
Monuments and Art > Remarkable Building

PERIOD 16th - 18th century


The Episcopal Palace is the name given to a group of buildings that make up a large block between calle Santa Marîa, calle Molina Lario, calle Salinas, calle Fresca and the Plaza del Obispo.

It is a conglomerate of different buildings of different shapes and styles that have undergone numerous transformations over the centuries, depending on their use. Part of this group of buildings currently houses the Diocesan Museum and is used as an exhibition hall.

The construction of the first Episcopal Palace is attributed to the Obispo Diego Ramîrez de Villanueva de Haro, between 1500 and 1525 and its faèade would have been located opposite the entrance to the Cathedral's Patio de los Naranjos.

This palace soon became too small, and the Obispo and Friar Bernardo Manrique ordered a new one to be built, in what is today calle Santa Marîa. One of the most important works carried out in this initiative in 1541 was the construction of a central patio and two towers connected by a gallery comprised of brickwork Mudejar style arches, still conserved today.

In 1558, Diego de Vergara, Master architect of the neighbouring Cathedral, was entrusted with the construction of a central patio and the extension of the living quarters.

Of particular interest in the ensemble are the interior Imperial style staircase, and the patio, where Renaissance elements merge with others of Mudejar tradition. On the second and third floors there are a series of round arches and stilted arches, respectively, the latter installed during a post-war reconstruction.

The Baroque faèade, facing the Plaza del Obispo, dates back to 1772 and has Doric columns forming three sections that contain an alabaster image of Our Lady Virgen de las Angustias by Ortiz de Vargas, as well as a stone coat of arms.


Address: PL OBISPO 6,  29015  Málaga
     Centralita: 951294051

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